May 18, 2012


Okay, we now have a chip-in account (against our better judgement).  So somebody explain how it works and how we get green thingies. Paypal is involved (choke), so we are crossing paws and fingers. So, thanks anybody that can help.
It is going to be a lovely day today.  Sunpuddles everywhere! Mama even is going to have to put the air cooly thing on later.
Yesterday they were supposed to do something with our faucets.  No one came.  Today they are supposed to fix loose locks. Hmmmm. Maintenance is overbusy these days! There's a back up (of course, emergencies come first).
Last night I think mama had something of a screaming fit.  But for a good reason. And not in here (I'm a good kitty, ya know).  A guy camed in the community room with a lady and I think he was selling her insurants. But it was right when the movie was supposed to start.  Mama told them very nicely that the movie was starting, but they didn't leave.
Mama turned the movie up, but the man's voice carried, it was so deep. So the audience had to listen to him going over the lady's health, children, conservators, etc, etc. After 40 minutes mama went over and loudly told them to GET OUT.  You could almost here her up here (not really).
She said, first of all, the room is reserved every Thursday for movies (there is even a listing of movies showing by the elevators, and the dates), and second, no one needed to know this lady's business.
I bet mama felt better after she yelled.  And she said she didn't use ANY swear words either!
The movie itself was very good. It was Firewall, with Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen. A good action thriller. The audience didn't exactly like the man's voice over the movie. But after that, and the guy and his customer left, it was much better. Mama told me yelling relieves stress, too.
So mama camed home feeling sort of mellow.  She said she had talked to our security and to the president of the resident council (who is also a friend and a movie lover too) before she camed upstairs. So she covered herself from getting in any trouble.
Tracie is here today. We haven't seen her for awhile.  So I'm gonna go.
Maybe more later?


Prancer Pie said...

You might need someone to help you. You need to go into Layout to put it on the sidebar. We are SO glad you decided to do this. There are several people that have helped me and are very trustworthy. (Ann being one of them) Good luck and have a very happy weekend Brandi and Mom! xoxo

Rene said...

It sort of looks like it's in your sidebar now, but it looks kind of funky.

meowmeowmans said...

It's sort of running into some other elements, but we see it in your sidebar. :)

Good for your Mom telling that insurance guy to leave. How inapropriate for him to be blasting that lady's business to everybody!