May 15, 2012

You Haven't Heard from us in a While

I know, I know.  It's been furefer since mama let me blog.  But things have not been going well here, and we just couldn't share.  We have problems with the green papers.  Serious ones.  Mama says there is something called Medigap which makes her upset cause it raises the price of three of her meds to unbelievable heights. So, while I have my foodies and my denties, and important things like my litter, a lot of things mama needs are not getting bought.  Like her foodie budget is cut waaaayy down. Like by a lot. And she's behind on some bills. And trying to figure out how to pay for her meds.  Like ones she can't live without. Like her intsulins. And there definitely is NO hamm pizza. Sigh. And no camera (now, that can't be so bad, huh?)
Nobody wants to hear bad news.  There is enough of it on here, what with furends getting sick and going over the Bridge and other money problems with some of our families and stuff.  So we have been pretty quiet. We just purray hard for our furends in need and for  something mama calls for-ti-tude for us.
We were once accused of being demanding about help, and we don't want to get into that.  We really needed it then, and we really need it now, but mama won't ask, this time. She felt like she was slammed in the face last time, and doesn't want that to happen again.   And doesn't want to bother anyone with more sad tales. And doesn't want anyone to feel obligated to help us when there are others who need help, too.
We really appreciated the help last time.  We were sooooo grateful.  Mama was so crazy with wondering how to survive. And we were blessed. Really blessed. There are some really great bloggers out here! Just imagine.  No, just know.  Cat (and woofie) bloggers ROCK.
But that was several years ago. And this time, mama is just very sad.
So that's what's happening here. We're trying to be brave, but mama just doesn't have the heart to blog when all she can think about is our problems. She has barely let me read other blogs.
Anyway, hope you had some really nice celebrations in the blogosphere as well as sad news.  Like Cinco de Mayo and Mommy Day, and birthdays and gotcha days and welcome home parties and the Movie Premieres (now they are impressive, our Real Housecats.  We are so proud of them!).
We will try to be more cheerful about things, and blog more. And mama will let me go to some of the celebrations, cause it does help me to get out a bit.
It's just very hard right now.  And I have to snuggle a lot with mommy. A LOT.
ps. We don't have any straw hats here. Just a straw basket in the kitchen.  And it's full of serving spoons and other kitchen stuff. But do visit some of the other blogs today and see what they are wearing !


Brian said...

It is sure nice to hear from you and I sure hope you catch a break soon. Purrs and hugs from all of us.

Rene said...

We are very sorry to hear that your mom is in a tight spot. That's no fun, especially when she has to decide what to buy. :-( Does she have a donate button anywhere--we didn't see one.

We don't know what happened in the past with donations, but from what we've seen, the cat blogosphere is very generous, and perhaps someone can help.

Nerissa said...

Oh, Brandi... I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. I do hope that things will be better soon... very, VERY soon! And I don't think you should ever feel that you can't ask for help. We all need help at times. Why, just the other day, I needed my peep to help me get past that nosy neighbour cat. She picked me up in her arms and carried me right past him. I'm gonna send you lots & lots of purrs and prayers and I bet lots of other kitties will, as well. Take care, my friend. Spend lots of time snuggling up with your mom. purrs

Prancer Pie said...

Please consider letting somebody help you put up a chip-in on your blog. We haf missed your catitude! Purraying fur you and your sweet Mama. xoxo

meowmeowmans said...

Brandi, it is always nice to hear from you. We sure hope things get better soon, sweet girl.



Happy Straw Hat Day!!!

We're sorry things are not going well right now and we'll purr really hard that things get better soon.

The Florida Furkids and Lexi

The Meezers or Billy said...

does you haf a paypal account?

3 kats and a kwiltr said...

We're sorry that you are having problems but no one should ever have to decide whether to eat or buy their medicine.
Tell your mommy to put up a donate button. Or, drop our mommy a note with your mailing address. Our mommy said she could get a gift card for PetSmart or Wal-Mart or wherever your mommy gets your food with the next paycheck and then your mommy will have a little more green papers for herself. It won't be a lot but every little bit helps these days.
Sending snuggles,
Taz, Runt, and Charles in IL

The Lee County Clowder said...

Hey, Brandi & Momma. Don't worry about those people. There's always someone out there who enjoys taking cheap shots.

We'd like to second adding some sort of Donate or ChipIn button somewhere on your blog. We couldn't add much, but we could send a few papers your way.

Momma, have you checked on things like Food Stamps or help with energy bills? A lot of states have something along those lines. Most of the time they don't help a lot, but they help some, and can put a hold on disconnect notices, if nothing else.

brandi said...

Mama does not qualify for food stamps (weirdly, she used to work for the county in this area for famblies)or assistance of any kind. And our rent increases a little during the summer to cover our a/c expenses and we don't pay energy other than that. We figure that into our rent for three months every year. It's kinda good, cause we know a/c costs a lot more than they charge us.
Paypal has been weird lately, saying that unless you are a 501a charity, you can't just ask for donations. They have frozen some accounts for months. Mama doesn't think this is safe. She did look into this, and the news scared her. Know any other way?? We haven't found any.

The Lee County Clowder said...

A few things to think about-

ChipIn might be worth a look, although it might require a PayPal account to work. (don't really know)

If your Momma hasn't checked on food stamps in a while, it might be worth checking again. Rules and conditions change.

Your Mama could check with the doctor to see if there are generic (or just plain cheaper) alternatives for her meds. Most places have some sort of aid available, if you have the patience to jump through all the hoops.

There might be food pantries close where she could get some help.

brandi said...

Unfortunately there is no generic insulin (we researched that several months ago) and no plans to present this alternative to diabetics. Free insulin is available if you have NO insurance, but if you do, they pretty much say "sorry". As for food stamps? We don't qualify. We aren't considered poverty level. And mama used to work for them, so she understands the system very well. And mama already uses the food shelf and the food bank, but they are limited as to the amount of food they give out. Food shelves in the city have now struck 5 pounds of food from the amount they give out. And there is not much you can do with two chicken breasts and a can of tuna that are supposed to last a month. As for Chipin, it requires a paypal account, and a charity designation (that's in the fine print). Many people are lucky with this, but many have had their accounts frozen, also, because they are not considered a charity. A sad state of affairs, huh?

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences here on your blog.

Mr. Pip said...

We can help a tiny bit. Should we use this chip in on your blog? Wasn't sure if this is still current based on comments above. Just let us know.

Your pal, ip