May 24, 2013

Good Kitty

I was what Mommy called a little hellion last night and early this morning. I was just playing. Honest. I like running all over and bumping into moving things around.sometimes.  I live in a small apartment. THoE is hard to play in these conditions. I do the best I can. It takes talent!
We will be around this weekend, and will at least read a lot of blogs, if not comment on all.
Hope you all have some good sunpuddles this weekend and get to spend time with your guardians.
Don't I look innocent?  I'm a good kitty. Promise!



Rene said...

Well, sometimes even a lady has to be a hellion, right? We love these photos of you. You have such pretty markings on your face and nose.

meowmeowmans said...

You TOTALLY look innocent, Quinn! Hope you and Mommy have a great weekend. :)

da tabbies o trout towne said...

quinn...ewe look innocent ta uz !! even de judge wood say...yep, her dinna due any oh that wuz de naybor kitteh :) we hope ewe N yur mom haza grate week oh end...we iz knot a loud ta play on line on de week oh ends... sew see ya plentee oh trout !

Prancer Pie said...

You, a hellion? No way! You're just trying to exercise and keep that girlish figure. Happy weekend, Quinn!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We know you're a good kitty!

Groucho said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing at night - I do it a lot - I call it being creative!!



RedSetter said...

You are a winner in our eyes Quinn and we think a furminator is much better than any award. Magic would let me groom her till she looked like a sphinx unlike Red who has only recently allowed me to even get within two feet of him with a DOG brish of all things!

You take care and enjoy your winning grooming sessions with no sneezing needed.

Shaggy and Scout said...

I've been playing a lot of THoE lately too. Maybe it's the ickky weather. -Scout