May 23, 2013


Thank you all for calling me a winner, even though I didn't make finalist for Cool Cat.  But PLEASE don't stop voting, cause some other deserving cats and dogs deserve to win, and their choice of shelters will really appreciate the $500 for food, litter, and cleaning supplies.
So vote Here:
Yes, it would have been nice to be the Coolest Cat, but guess what? IF I'M NOT NOW, I WILL BE!
You see, I won the drawing for the furminator at Jan's Funny Farm. Go there to see! 
Me.  I WON! I WON!
So soon Mommy won't have to use the dollar store thing:
 And I will have a real furminator:
And Mommy won't have to sweep every day and brush me three times a day (I'm really shedding right now). Yes, I'm beginning to love my brushing and combing, but this will be even better.
Did you know my Mommy sneezes LOUDWell maybe now she won't. At least as often.
Did you know I'm learning how to sneeze LOUD too? 
So the next time they have a Cool Cat Contest, I will be the best groomed kitty! And maybe by then, Mommy will be a better picture taker.
So maybe next time you can vote for me!  In the meantime, please visit Jan's Funny Farm and  see how wonderful they are! I'm goining over right now.
Loser? Not me! I won a furminator!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Aw, thanks, Quinn. And we agree, you're not a loser, you're a winner - always.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz quinn, it bee veree nice ta meet ewe...we saw frum FFF ewe winned de furminator N wanted ta say conga ratz, as well az meowloz...pleez stop by trout towne any time ...we iz open frum 11:38 pm ta 5:58 am less it bee stoooopid day lite savins time like now....AND we all ways haza foods on de grill....just dont ask for burd ...conga ratz again !

Prancer Pie said...

Concatulations, sweet Quinn! We know you're gonna love your furminator. Happy Thursday! XOXO

Hannah and Lucy said...

Concats on winning the furminator Quinn.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Rene said...

Oh that's great news--something you will really use! Hooray!

Jacqueline said...

Awww, gorgeous Quinn, you ARE a winner, sweetheart!...Happy Holiday weekend, lovely friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

Shaggy and Scout said...

We weren't aware of the Cool Cat contest..we love belly shots. Our internet connection has been so crappy lately it is so irritating to want to visit friends and not be able to get there, or on to the innernet for anything...not even mail!

We hope you'll love your Furminator. We love ours. Beware, taht hair goes everywhere, but it does a super job!