June 22, 2013

I'm Still Here!

We had an email from Jan (the Funny Farmer’s mom) asking how we were. We haven’t been around here lately.  Mommy hasn’t been typing for me!
So this is the news (but not in detail): Mommy has been having some medical problems recently, and that has caused some green paper problems, and that has caused some sads, and that has caused more medical problems and green paper problems. We just didn’t feel like spreading such bad news around.  We need help, and you all are kind, but some of you have problems of your own, and there have been LOTS of sads for a lot of us, so we have been silent. Help somehow, if you can. But there are others who need help too.
That’s it.
But I will tell you about the latest stuff. In more detail.
We did have our neighborhood parade (last year it “rained out”). I could hear the bands from here! And speaking of rain, we have been having torrential ones. Last night Mommy was sure the windows would be washed clean (the window cleaning project for the building was cut due to green paper problems. See? There are problems all around and not just Mommy and me!). The rains have just made them look dirtier! Rain is water, right?  How can water make windows look dirtier??
The lights went out in the whole neighborhood last night, but we have generators! Our lights came back on, but the neighborhood was dark. Our problem? Somehow our water cut off.  Maybe there’s flooding or something and they had to turn it off.  Mommy heard on the news before one of the storms last night that her old neighborhood had flooding problems, and a lot of other areas in town had flooding and fallen tree damage and no power. Her old building did not have backup generators, so they probably are still without power. So lots of neighborhoods are without power.  We are without water! That is not good either. 
Mommy said if this continues lots of people will be dirty in church tomorrow--or think they have a good excuse to skip cause they have no power. And the vending machines that have water here? They don’t! So that is kind of scary. How does Mommy have coffee or tea or boil water for her soup or have oatmeal? How does she shower or wash clothes? How do I drink??  I only have a little water left! Let’s hope they fix the problem really soon!
Oh, and the special news (and there is some because I am special): Mommy has decided even though she has serious green paper problems that I shouldn’t suffer. So, after one trip to a food bank, she has ordered from Nip and Bones! I am to have a new bed and DA BIRD and another surprise. Some people will say Mommy is stupid for doing something like this, but they aren’t animal lovers I guess. Family should come first, right? And we are family! Check out Katie Isabelle’s blog for what brandi’s bed looked like. It disappeared. And, no, Katie didn’t steal it! Her's just looked like brandi's. And I should have not just brandi's quilt and blankie and stuff. I should have my own!
We will catch up soon. Give us some time. Speaking of time: time for my massage, Mommy!
Mommy calls me her little diva. 
Love to you all,


Marg said...

Well, this is our first visit to your blog and good to meet you. Sorry you are having so many problems.Hope that they will all go away soon. (the problems that is) Wish we could help but we are out of green papers too. Take care.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Hi, Quinn, We're glad you posted. We're not getting around anywhere near as much as we'd like to, but we did miss you. And we understand about the sads.

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Hugs and purrs!!! We hope things improve for you soon!

Rene said...

Oh my word! You have had a lot going on, and I'm very sorry. I sure hope you get water soon--that is serious.

We don't blame your mom for ordering something for you. It will be a double win--you get some good stuff and she gets to have fun playing with you.

Purrs are going to you.

Cathy Keisha said...

I'm sorry your Mom has a shortage of green papers also but I'm glad you have water and electricity. Nipandbones needs green papers too so I'm glad you're getting a new bed and all.

The Florida Furkids said...

It's good to see you! We're sorry you're having so many problems. We're happy that your water is back on!

The Florida Furkids

Steve Finnell said...

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The Lee County Clowder said...

Glad you got your water back. You don't realize how much you use until you suddenly can't for a couple days.