June 2, 2013


Wow! This Weekend is going FAST!  We wanted to tell you some news, and then mommy got into her cleaning mood.... Mode?
Anyway, on Friday, just after my announcement of the Coborn winners for Top Dog and Cool Cat, we got a visit from the man in the funny shorts. A box. Mommy exclaimed "It's here!" and quickly opened it.
There was something in it just for ME!

And what was it? MY FURMINATOR!!!!!!
And this is what it got from me:
And My Mommy said my furs were now soft and shiny and prettier than ever. But my question is, how did they find a way to make pretty prettier??? These Furminator people are Fantastic!
Yes, readers and faithful followers, I LOVE MY NEW FURMINATOR!
Yes, it makes me purr when My Mommy uses it.
Yes, it does make furs feel soft and sleek.
Nobody is sneezing a lot in this household!
Thank you lovely Jan for having your lovely drawing AND  YOUR PRAYERS! You are such a special lady. No matter what your Funny Farmers think of your thinking, you are always thinking of others.
Thank you lovely Furminator makers and Stephanie Ziprich at United Pet Group.
Thank you My Mommy, for opening the box and using the Furminator before you got into cleaning this weekend!!
You all have a lovely rest of the weekend, and get your easy on.  It's sunny and nice here.  Hope your home is full of Easy Sunday!
Soft and Sleek


Nerissa said...

That IS a good question. How DO you make pretty, prettier? Hmmm... Well... You might not have known how but you managed to do it, anyway. YAY!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

So glad your your new FURminator arrived and you like it, Quinn. Jan did Merci yesterday and there was hair blowing everywhere in the back pen. Have a good weekend.

Rene said...

All right, that's great! We're so glad you're putting it right to good use!

Tillie and Georgia said...

Concats Quinn on winning that Furminator!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!! It may look prettier, but we think you will look prettiest!!!!!!!!
Have a great day !!
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

Oui Oui said...

Quinn, we have to say you looked wonderful before furminating! We kitties here don't care for the furminator, maybe our mom is too heavy handed, but we hiss at her when she tries. But then we hiss when she uses a regular comb anywhere but on our backs too, so maybe we are just bad kitties.

FURminator said...

We're so happy! Thank you for the kind words!