August 26, 2013


Yes, we know.  Mommy hasn't been too great at typing my blog lately. Not that I haven't had lots to say. Just Mommy has had the sads a lot. And though she let me comment on your blogs, she didn't even let me read them for several days. Monies has been a big worry for her, and she is also missing brandi and her friend Lou, both over the Bridge. And she has been very sad for some of the mommies and daddies who have had their kitties and woofies run over the Bridge, too.
We are having another horrible heat wave. Hot and humid and horrible.  Mommy hasn't gone anywhere too much, and that's partly the heat and partly her sads and the monies problem.
The a/c coolie thing has been running for a few days, so we are okay here.  Mommy occasionally turns a fan on in the living room, and there is a big fan that is constantly on in my room, too.
Thursday some of my foodies are coming and some of my kitty litter.  We have a neat free delivery service here, and you just order on  line and you get a delivery date. I only need my crunchies, but Mommy isn't ordering all of my litter.  You see, I am spoiled.  I get two kinds normally. But Mommy can't pay for both right now.
Oh, the neatest thing: My toys arrived from Nip and Bones! We play two or three times at least every day!  The laser red dot thingie is much better than my old one. Bigger and it goes all over! And what can I say about Da Bird?? Love, Love Love! And it makes Mommy laugh and smile.
Mommy has had too much fun watching me play to take pictures. But she did take this one of me NOT playing, and I think it's mean cause it makes me look fat!
Mean, mean Mommy! It's bathtime, for Mouses sake! Can't a girl have her privacy?
Apparently NOT.
Stop following me around, Mommy!

ps. Let me explain the two kitty litters.  The kitty litter that goes in first is general litter. Then, since I am declawed, Mommy puts in a litter that is finer and doesn't hurt kitty paws so much. And yes, Mommy wanted a declawed cat.  So she could spoil me!


Rene said...

You get two kinds of litter? Wow, our mom doesn't give us a choice.

We hope you can cheer up your mom by playing and even acting a little goofy. Moms like that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sweet Quinn. We are so sorry that so much has happened to cause your mom to be sad. We hope she gets to feeling more upbeat very soon. Glad you have the AC to stay cool in the hot, humid weather. We have that hot/humid stuff here too. Thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting. We will have your mom in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs and nose kisses

Jenn said...

Sorry your mom has been sad, but luckily she has you. My furbabies always make me feel better. :)

Tillie and Georgia said...

We are glad you have A/C when it is hot! It is not so hot here anymore, just nice.
We are also happy that you are there with your Mom and that you make her happy. You are a pawsome kitty Quinn :)
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Many purrs for your mom..

Nerissa said...

Those toys sound like LOTS of fun. I bet when you and your mom play with them, your mom is the happiest mom on earth. It's so good that you have one another.


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good thing your mom has you to keep her busy and to cheer her up, Quinn. We've been having a hard time in that regard with Jan too. Too many leaving for the bridge.

Everycat said...

Quinn we send your Mom some love and purrs to cheer her and we know that by playing hard with your toys you are doing your bit to help.

We didn't know you were declawed, it's good that your Mom adopted you, so many declawed kitties never get out of shelters because they can have many problems from being declawed and many people don't understand their special needs

Gerry & Mungo

Katie and Glogirly said...

We're sorry your mom has had the sads...and we know too well what this heat wave is like. We've very happy to hear you have a/c too.

Did you know that one of our FAVORITE toys is DaBird! Both Waffles and I love it. Glogirly has to put it away between play sessions though. You know Waffles...he's a feather-destroyer.

xo, Katie

Cathy Keisha said...

I wish I could loan you my claws someday. TW wishes she had axed for a declawed kitty too. Declawing is terrible but if the kitty is already in a shelter, it should be adopted.

Emma said...

You look like our kitty Boo, but sadly she passed away almost six years ago. She was a black and white ham that Mom adopted from a rescue in Germany when we lived there.

Baby Patches said...

Hai Sweet Quinn! So happy to hears you loving your new bed and toys from the shop. We sorry to hear about your momma's worries, it is not easy when having to deal with all that stuff for sures. Momma has been there herself over the past few years. She is learning how to spend the time she needs with us and to be happy over the little victories we make. HUGS and Purrrrrrs to you and your momma