April 11, 2014

Finally Friday

It has been a long week. I don't even remember Monday. We got this weird thing on rollers filled with stuff that Mommy took downstairs Tuesday. [laptops] That's the day she goes and watches computers. For hours and hours.  It's called volunteering to be a computer monitor. Humans and their words!
Tuesday was also the night of the resident council meeting, so mommy was gone for that, too. But she came back with a little "hamm sammich" and shared.
Wednesday she had another meeting to attend, but it was for a shorter time. Thursday she had another meeting (it's all this volunteer stuff). Today I got shoved into the PTU cause we got sprayed for bugs and I had to wait until it dried before I could walk around. Safety first!
We have little monitors that have been spread around the partment that count bugs or something. I have left them alone like a good kitty. Boring anyway. And while mommy has her next volunteering to be a computer monitor day (next Tuesday) they are going to come back and pick up these little monitors.These little monitors have been here a couple weeks already.
Mommy being a computer monitor is different. Downstairs they have laptop computers for residents' use. So she gets to watch so nobody steals them when they are out. 
Anyway, it is finally the end of the week and I have Mommy til that dreaded volunteer time on Tuesday. At least residents' meetings are only once a month!
It has been lovely weather this week, even a high of 71F. Lots of the snow has melted. Of course the weatherman said more is coming, but it will melt right away.
*sigh* Promises, Promises!
It started out to be a grey yucky day but the sun DID come out and it smells nice. Those open windows!
Have a great weekend,
love ya,
(and happy belated birthday to Marg!)


Marg said...

Thanks for your nice birthday wishes. Sorry you have had a lonely week Quinn. You can come visit here anytime you want. There are lots of cats here so you wouldn't be lonely. You might even be glad to go home to some peace. Take care and have a great day.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

Sounds like you've had a lot of time to sleep this week! Hopefully you can sneak in some extra cuddle time in there somewhere while you wait for the snow to thaw. Surely it will happen soon!

Lone Star Cats said...

Have a great weekend!

Georgia and Julie said...

Sounds like your Mom is busy :o
At least she shared a yummy with you :) WE purr she gives you lots of scritches when she is home with you too!
Thank you for your comforting words and thoughts about Grammie.
We and Mom appreciated them.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure, JJ
and Angels Tiger and Tillie

Eileen said...

Meowser, you mom had a furry busy week. We hopes you have lots of time for cuddles and scritches this weekend!

Sasha, Sami, & Saku

Katie Isabella said...

Hi Quinn. Fanks you for the sweet compliment but that drawing was a computer app. xxoooxx

Marty the Manx said...

Wow Quinn you have had so much busy time this week I hope you have a great Easy today!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Hi Quinn & Mommy!
Wish this gray would go away. (Heh...that rhymes!)

Kwee Cats and Art said...

Hi Quinn. Gosh, you had a long week! And so busy. We hope you and your Mom get lots of good rest over this weekend.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Sounds like your mom is keeping busy. We hope you are both well.

Oui Oui said...

WE hope you wrern't too lonely when your mom was so busy. You can always visit here too.

Nerissa said...

Wow! Your mum goes to a lot of meetings. That's a lot of stuff she helps out with.

My peep just stopped goin' to her caterwaulin' practices 'cause of the basement swimmin' pool business so now, I've got her home here with me on Wednesdays. Nice.


Marie Symeou said...

Wishing you and your mum a Happy Easter!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie

Spitty-the-Kitty said...

Hi Quinn, Thanks for coming to visit me! It sounds like your Mommy lives a furry interesting life. We hope nobody tries to steal the computers! It's like the iPad carts at the Human's school. Gotta keep yer eye on dem! Hope you have a Hoppy Easter weekend!

Nadbugs said...

Hello Quinn! Hey, what's up MN? I just re-connected through FaceBook with a friend who lives in Minneapolis and whom I hadn't heard from in over 40 years!! I told him about the redbuds and dogwoods here in Arkansas. He sighed, like you. Told me of more snow. Sighing with you! --Bugs, Barney, & Nadbugs, in the beautiful soft spring rain of the Ozark Mountains