July 24, 2014

Catching Up

Far too long since we posted. Sorry. Mommy stuff, ya know? We have tried to keep up with reading your blogs and sometimes commenting, so we are not totally clueless as to the news.  But for a few days we have been off line, so that's one excuse.
Monday mommy cleaned cause Tuesday we were getting company.  It was a nice lady named Barb, and I love her.  She gives nice scritchies! Wednesday the power went off (thank goodness it was not muggy! We had the windows open). Don't worry. The elevators still worked and we have two generators here, and they were making sure they were working properly. That's why the power was out.  I think they call it a Maintenance Check. Also yesterday the bug  guy was here.  We have a new company. This time it is one of the head maintenance guys from Headquarters, or what ever they call it! And the stuff they spray is toxic to kitties and humans. He wouldn't spray till I was put in my PTU and we left. We went downstairs to the lobby area, and mommy read her book. And what a book! It is one called The Tell-Tailed Heart by Monica Shaughnessy and we won it in a drawing a couple months ago.  Mommy waited until she could get a real book, cause we don't have a Kindle or anything mobile like that. And we have been reading it.  I must say, it is about Edgar Allen Poe's kitty and how the kitty solves mysteries and is Eddie's muse. A good, very good read!!! Four paws and two thumbs up!
I am forcing mommy to write this, cause she is about to leave for the clinic and won't be back for hours and I did want to say something here. I better let her go.
My new trick! Awefully skinny railing on the bed and basically an inch or two in the window.  But the whiffies were worth it!

love ya,


Sweet Purrfections said...

We only get sprayed for bugs outside.

Sometimes, Cats Herd You said...

We're glad to hear you're doing well. That's quite a balancing job you are doing on that tiny rail!

Shaggy and Scout said...

That sounds like a good book! Mom is always on the lookout for mysteries with kitties in them. She'll check HCL for it & reserve it. Hope you have a library that is close by. Sometimes our mom has to wait (months!) for the more popular books she requests (and she does it on line....lazy!) Sometimes she forgets about them then when they come in it's like a little present, a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

Glad tu hear all is well. Fankfully fur us whatevew they spway here isn't toxic tu us and mommy usually cleans iit all away wight aftew they leav anyhow. But unfankfullly what they spway not be toxic so da spiders and scorpions keep on comin'. MOL

Luv ya'


GreatGranny said...

I stopped letting them spray inside, never liked it anyhow especially when Kassey was here.