January 28, 2017

Saturday Situation

🐾Oh, good morning. I have been letting Mommy give me tummy rubs ( I don't often get in the mood for them) and cuddles this morning.
Last night she threw all the bedclothes aside (down to the mattress protectors) and curled up with an afghan, cause all the sheets and stuff were dirty. I put my head in her hand and there we were, sleepin' away. I was so comfy and my Mommy felt so warm and comfy there were no worries till today.
Today one of the neighbors is going to help do some of the dirty laundry so that Mommy has clothes to wear and we have fresh sheets and a clean comforter for the bed.
Mommy can't decide what to wish for. Delivery pizza (and BBQ chicken), a nice double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon (!) and some Mickey fries, or a thick malt or two. Doesn't hurt to wish, she says.
Mommy has already gathered some loose dishes to wash, and plans to clean the fridge of any old foodies inside today. She is also going to read some of the 1700 emails she has gotten since she went to hospital.
We really wish someone would come over with some tasty casseroles and foodies for Mommy so she could have some nutritious foodies to just heat up, but that won't happen.  We do have Meals on Wheels starting again on Monday. That will help.
Mommy says she wishes she could go to the store and get a few things, but we don't have the transportation. And she would be tempted to go for that hamburger, too.
This is a gloomy day, but Mommy is here, so it is a happy day for me.
love ya,


Katie Isabella said...

Darling Quinn and Angel Brandy whom I still miss, and Mom too...I know what you mean about foodies. When mommy broke her right arm and about ruined both legs at the same time (her OK now) her had no foodies her could use. People kept bringing canned and frozen things but you can't open cans even with an electric can opener without the other hand..and you can unpackage things that are frozen easily and if you can't stand up...you're in a world of hurt. Thank goodness for someone coming over for you guys. MY house needed help too...finally had to pay some people to come and do it. So expensive I only got a few days of it. Get well...I care.

meowmeowmans said...

We are so glad Mommy is there with you, Quinn. We are glad your neighbors will be over to help with some stuff, and purr and pray things will get back to normal soon enough. Hugs!

Deziz World said...

We're glad your mommy's back home with you Quinn. Most of da time mommy doesn't have da money fur da transpurrtation to da store, much less money to buy anythin' once she gets there. MOL So, she says not havin' a way to go is a good thing. Otherwise you'd be up a creek with all dat wantin' of stuffs and foods. Altho' somepawdy did send mommy a few dollars to get her a mickey d's burger and Raena some bacon da day she went to da dentist to find out how much everythin' would cost to make her better. She says da burger was okay. We don't get to eat out very offen. sometimes it's once a year or longer, so we'll make those memories count. Who knows, Raena might be 2 befur she gets anymore bacon. MOL But dat's okay, we've got each other. And we're glad ya'll have some neighbor peeps dat will help ya' with da laundry and stuffs. Mommy has sheets dat have been sittin' in da washer fur over a week now. she's gotta re-wash 'em in vinegar and bakin' soda and hope they don't stink. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers. Enjoy da extra luvvin'.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Mickey's Musings said...

Quinn, we bet you are more attentive because you don't want your mum to go away again.
We purr that will not happen too.
We also purr that you will get some good help around your home too.Would any neighbours be worth asking?
WE send lots of purrs and positive vibes.
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I am glad you have your Mommy, that is all that matters.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Good thing you have eachother to hug and love on. Sending more purrs and big hugs.

Still hoping you can find some good help to get things in spiffy mode at your den.