February 1, 2017

Wordy Wednesday

Hey, good morning! 
Not really so good here, but we are trying. Mommy's tummy was being mean to her this morning. She threw up a banana! And she loves them! We also had the annual inspection and didn't pass. However our kitchen is spotless and so is our bathroom. Come on, peoples. we just hired a cleaner and she did the kitchen Monday. She's coming back tomorrow.
Later today Mommy's neighbors are going to do more laundry. My comfy place on top of dirty laundry is GONE!
Mommy has been dealing with her "Foley bag" having a hole in it for several days. She had to put it in a pan to catch the drips.  It took her two days, calls to the hospital, her doctor, nurse etc. and she finally after lunch yesterday got her new one delivered.
I told mommy to go back to bed. But her bedding is being washed, including her pillow! So go sit in my chair, silly.
My job is never done.
love ya,


da tabbies o trout towne said...

quinn...catz werk IZ never done iz it....N thatz kinda ......we iz knot sure what werd ta use ???? that it taked sum one two dayz ta get yur mom de new foley ~~~~~ de hospital place shulda gived her a spare or three frum de get go.... ya noe ....♥♥♥♥

Deziz World said...

Sorry ya'll didn't pass Quinn. Dat sounds like our manager. Least they'll tell ya' what to fix befur they come back so you can pass. We be havin' an inspection comin' up too. We so hate this pawrt of livin' in these 'pawrtments. We're glad ya'll got some help and hope and purray all goes well. Sorry your mommy be havin' tummy purroblems. Dat's not fun. We're sendin' lots of purrayers and hugs.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

I sure do hope your mum is feelin' better, soon. I bet that havin' you there with her, lettin' her rub your tummy and give you scritches behind the ears is super comforting for her, for sure. PURRS.

Mickey's Musings said...

Quinn, we find it hard to believe that you would have an inspection so soon after
your mum came home from the hospital. Surely they could see she was in no condition to do a lot!
It is very sad too that she had to wait to get a new Foley bag :o
We are happy she is getting some help and neighbours are being good to her.
We send you both lots of love and purrs.
Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

The Daily Pip said...

Take good care of your mommy, Quinn. We are sending you big hugs.

meowmeowmans said...

That does not seem fair that you had an inspection so soon after Mommy got home from the hospital, Quinn. We are glad you're there to help take care of her!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Always seems to be something going on. Hope your mom is feeling better.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...
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