June 30, 2018

Sultry Saturday

Well. Mommy's eyes are not good again and she had to have a shot in her eye.  That's right, you read that right. In her eye.
The main tech for the bug department came in and said, yes, there are no bugs. But management has decided that they are still holding on to our totes until an apartment becomes available so that they can do another heat treat. On plastic boxes???  Are they nuts??? So in the meantime Mommy can't use her walker or wheelchair in the bedroom or bathroom because all her towels and blankets and clothes are in big plastic bags on the bedroom floor. It also prevents us from having a new housekeeper. And Mommy from having a bed pillow. And me from having my little bed.
Mommy left management a message on the office phone that if she had to go to the police just to get her unlawfully held stuff back she will.  Of course, that really wouldn't do anything, but she felt better saying that. She can imagine the nice police persons having a good laugh over that "threat".
In the meantime, it is extremely hot here but our new a/c thingy is keeping us comfy.
Hope all of you out there are keeping cool, and please think about our feral friends who need water, too.
Love ya,


Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Its way too hot here too. Stay cool, calm and keep on keepping on. I hope you get your things back soon.

Rene said...

A shot in your eye, eek! Hope it helps your mom. We're hoping for some cools here too.

Katie and The Katz said...

Quinnie, I think your Mommy should talk to police or an organization in your town that helps mommies in wheelchairs. the fact that your Mommy can't get around because you don't have your stuff or a person to come help... that's not right.

Our Mommie called the landlord for another kitty blogger in Oklahoma several years ago over something similar. That's Our Auntie, Dezi and Raena's mom at Dezi's World. If our Mommy can help, let us know.
Purrz from Katie Kat and Doobie Davy who did the blog post today.

The Lee County Clowder said...



Hope they at least numbed it first.

Or gave her a couple shots a whiskey.

Or something.