June 19, 2018

Tuxie Tuesday Update

Our new a/c is quite the thing.  It has a remote!  It also has a temperature control and a special energy thing that turns it off when it is cool enough and comes on without touching it when it needs to turn on to maintain the cool. Now we have several remotes for stuff here and the pile is growing.
What will they think of next?
Maintenance here is holding some of our stuff, and they are going to retreat it sometime this week.  One of the items is MY LITTLE BED! So I have to use my kitty tree or my carrier or my big bed (Mommy calls  it hers--Hmmph) or the (my) office chair.  And we still have mounds of bags full of stuff. While Mommy hates this, and it makes it hard to get to the bathroom and bedroom for her it is fun for me!
Most of the kitchen stuff is put back (not all) and Mommy even found my old water dish! I like the one I have now (it's one of Mommy's ceramic bowls).
We  still don't have Mommy's new chair. And Mommy is running out of foodies. Don't panic.  She  gets her "ssi" monies in a couple days.
Yes, it is hot out, but the new a.c thingie works really well, so we are okay. And Mommy (so far)  doesn't have to go anywhere this week.  She is having groceries delivered when she gets her monies. Next week she has pointments and stuff. But this week it's just Mommy and Me!
The Trout Town gang has me thinking.  A mushroom pizza with lots of cheezes and a perch fishie layer, too! Yummmmm. And  don't forget the catnip flavoring, too!
Happy Tuxie Tuesday!
Hope all of you lucky enough to have daddies had a lovely Sunday.
Love ya,


da tabbies o trout towne said...

quinnie...nothin better N perch mushroom pizza less itz flounder N friez witha side oh greenz ☺☺ glad yur aye and sea iz werkin coz it IZ hot; we like warm but itz BLAZIN outside ~~~~~ phew ~~~~~~~ heerz two a grate week a head with happeez all round ~~ ♥♥☺☺

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Happy Tuxie Tuesday cutie!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

You are making the most of the awkward times at your den! And yes it sure was hot. Glad you have a good AC unit now.

Deziz World said...

Well Quinn, sounds like things are gettin' back to normal fur ya'll. That's pawsum. Mommy still hasn't gotten everythin' put away from the time they uprooted us to redo our 'pawrtment and there's talk of them doin' it again. hmmmpht Big hugs comin' ya'll's way. Enjoy the a/c

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena