September 1, 2018

Saturday Stuff

Mommy was being silly again.
We had groceries delivered today and she had hit the shampoo key on the puter 5 times when she placed her order! She called them, laughed at herself, and they came back today to pick up the 4 she didn't need.  Now if she gets heavy fingered and orders two or three cans of the same soup, well, we'll eventually eat them.  But 5 bottles of shampoo? That would take a couple of years and too much storage space (we're trying to move, ya know)!
It is yucky dark out today, probly going to rain. So Mommy is staying at home. She has a couple of things to do, cause guess what? They are doing another bug inspection Tuesday. She doesn't know whether to be insulted, pissed off or laugh at their waste of housing money. We don't HAVE any bugs!
Mommy got shots in both her knees at the doctor's office yesterday.  It's sposed to take up to a month to  work (Arthur-itis, ya know) but this stuff, if it works, is good for 6 months and won't bother her diabetes. She says it is NOT courtazone.
She couldn't think of a reason for me to meow and meow when the delivery people left.  Then she checked my water, which was totally blocked off by the waste basket and the recycling bin. Important stuff! It's all fixed now. I got some "good girl" pets, too.
We are such blessed kitties, aren't we?
Adopt a shelter pet or a rescue animal!!!!
love ya,
Quinnie and her Mommy Carol
And stay safe and happy those of you who have Labor day weekend.
5 bottles of shampoo. Tee hee. Mommy and I are still laughing.


Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Good thing you let your Mommy know that your water needed to be more accessible.
Hope this next bug inspection goes without any hitches.
Its going to rain here too...blech.

Deziz World said...

Glad ya'll got your order taken care of. Mommy uses lots of hair cleaner, so 5 bottles wouldn't last that long 'round here. Hope the shots work fur your mommy. Big hugs

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

Rene said...

It's too bad your mom didn't order five PIZZAS! Now that would have been fun.

Jans Funny Farm said...

Sure hope those shots help your mom's knee pain! We agree with Rene (above) - too bad your mom didn't order 5 pizzas instead of 5 shampoo.