June 16, 2007

Checking in Again, from afar

Mama is doing this from the coffee place. She is trying to update some of our linkies. Never fear, we are halfway done! We'll be working more on them, with me helping at home.


p.s. Mama met a new kitty on the way home. Just a little one, 7 weeks old. Very pretty black kitty. And she told her bean mama about the Cat Blogosphere. So maybe the little one will be able to have her own bloggie! She is part Himalayan, and very cuddly--mama gotted to hold her and pet her.

pps. Mama and I are up to date on the newest linkies. Yea! Well, at least until we meet some new kitties on here!! And if you are not on our linkies, let us know!

ppss. If you can figure out why our sidebar is so far down, please let us know!!


Derby said...

Your sidebar goes down so far because you have lots of links!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Good luck on your interview tomorrow.
Purrs, Missy & KC & ML

The Furry Kids said...

Please wish your momma luck at her interview!!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar. Your sidebar looks OK today. I wonder if we will have a new House Panther on the blogosphere.
How did your mommy's interview go Monday. We sent uber lotsa good thoughts her way.
nose kisses to my sweetie!