June 3, 2007


I am HOME. It wasn't too bad, either. Oh, it was horrible having the harness put on, and put in my carrier, and being taken outside. I complained loudly. But once outside, waiting for mama's friend, mama made me turn around in my carrier and look. There were cars going by, there were doggies on leashes, there was lots of people walking and running, and a cool breeze, and it was cool. I complained a little in the car, but not much. Then we were at Petco. Lots of doggies!! Noisy doggies. My mama took me out of the carrier and held me and I was okay. There were some little doggies that I liked. They were friendly. But the big ones! Loud and louder! I just sat on mama's lap very quietly. People said I was such a nice kitty!

The shots weren't too bad. The vet gave me scritchies afterward. But before he gave the shots he said for mama to rub my belly. Wrong! Wrong! That is a no no! So she rubbied my chest and gave me chin scritchies. Afterwards, she let me down on the leash for a bit. And then I got to meet two tiny little kitties about 3 months old. One was a tortie and the other a marmalade kitty. Mama told the lady about the Cat Blogosphere, too. Mama held the tortie for a while. That was the girl kitty. I liked her, too. Her name was Fiona. The boy kitty was Doosty.

The doggies that camed in were too loud. But I did hear the birdies a little. They have them as pets! Imagine fevers as pets!

Now we are home again. And that was my adventure today. Mama says I needed the shots so that we could prove I am up to date with them.

I was a good girl!



Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Hi barndi i just came to say Hi. You are very bave i been to pet co too to get picuters taken there always alot of noise dogies mu shue makes a b-line right for the carrie and I pose away I love poseing

Your freind'

Lilly Lu

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

aw, I can kiss your ouchies and make them all better *blush* I'm glad you survived your vet trip. It is important to be up to date on shots. I go tomorrow. Ick.
It sounds like your mommy might have some luck heading her way with her appointments and stuff. We'll keep purring and praying for you both. Take care Sugar Pie!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Brandi, you were a very good girl. Sounds like you had quite the adventure, with all the fevers and doggies around.

It also sounds like you mama might be thinking about adding another kittie to the family.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're supposed to go get shots too - we're overdue. we don't wanna. it sounds furry scary and we don't like meeting new people or animals...well, 'cept fur Midnight does a little.

caspersmom said...

You were very brave Brandi and I'm glad you were a good girl getting your shots. It's that first stick that hurts the most, but sure am glad when it's all over. We're still praying for you and your Mom and hope you get real good news real soon, including a jobbie.