October 19, 2008


A beautiful day. And the windows were open. And mama was home.

Still stuck on working on the blog. Anyone know Basic? We think that's what that weird language in the template is. Mama thought this was cute:

this is nothing like Skeezix, so I don't get it.
Mama just asked one of her brothers. He doesn't check his email a lot, so I guess we have to be patient. And we think we gotted Skeezix confoosed, or he is verry busy. We vote for the verry busy. After all, he is soo popular. So we aren't unhappy or anything.

We just have such plans for this place. Color. Balance. All that good stuff. Patience is hard.

Well, I have plans anyway.


p.s. we sent the article about the rescuer to a local friend (see Jan's Funny Farm or Best Friends ) who is part of a local rescue group. Who knows. They maybe can help.
Mystery is at Cat on the Keyboard

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