October 7, 2008

Tuesday News

Hey, this weekend I hear we are going to be busy. Mama has a shopping trip (not very far from our old neighborhood) with a friend. When she goes to this shopping place, they have a really neat bread store, so I think we will have some good smells around here Saturday night.

Speaking about neighborhoods, the street where mama used to sometimes walk down at night on her way to our old yucky place? There was a robbery today, and someone gotted shot. Another really great reason to be well away from that place! Although mama misses the old coffee shop, and still moans that there are none around here within walking distance that she likes. There is one, but she doesn't like it there. And, oh, yes, the shopping trip is not that close to our old neighborhood, so she should be safe.

Here we hear lots of sirens and stuff, but it is because we are close to a fire department and a police department, and we feel very safe hearing those noises.

Oh, and yes, mama is going to make a new bloggie. No, we aren't leaving! We aren't even moving! Our bestest friend Skeezix is helping us get a new look on here. So it's just a speriment blog. Thanks so much Skeezix. Especially if mama survives and I don't here a lot of bad words!

A note to the blogosphere: Skeezix has never done us wrong. Yea!

last but not least:
I love you my Sugar Pie!


Sunny's Mommy said...

I'm glad you are both in a better neighborhood now!

Good luck to your Mama making your blog all new. I know Skeezix will be a big help.

Junior said...

Eeekkkkk! That is bad news. We are glad you are safe now!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hello my lovely lady! I am so so so glad you and your mommy aren't by that scary street any more. We are so very glad you are safe and happy where you are. ppuuurrrrssss

I am also glad the rescue beans are close by to keep you safe.

Maybe your mommy will bring you something home from her shopping trip? Do they sell hammm at the bread store??

I can't wait to see your new bloggy. Skeezy is so talented and will be a big help

Head nuzzles and smoochies!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are going well.
Skeezix is very cool...Hugs Ariel

Thoughts said...

Glad to hear you are in a safe place. We wouldnt want you by any burglars or anything, you might get stolen!! Yikes!

Theodore and Sasha

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad your mom doesn't live there any more and have to walk down that street.

Good luck with the new look for the blog.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sweetie! I smelled a sweet angel smell today when mommy brought the mail in. It smelled like you!!

Mommy says we have to wait for Daddy to get home for me to open it, but I'm laying right by it waiting.