January 13, 2009

Tuesday News

I gotted really scared today. A man banged on our door and mama let him in, and he followed me into my hiding place (the shower). I was petrified!

Oh, it was only the bug guy. But it was really scary! For awhile, anyway. He was really nice. He told my mama she didn't want to go anywhere today cause it was sooo cold. Unless she absolutely has to go out, she is staying home.

Mama said he was kinda cute. He had furs on his face.



The Meezers said...

our mommy likes men with furs on their faces too.

meemsnyc said...

A bug guy? Did he get all the bugs?

KC said...

I hopes yours Mommy Carol be feeling better. Sounds like that bug guy was nice. Want me to send you's some nice Texas bugs to turn loose in yours apartment? Hee hee hee.
Hope you's feeling better, too.

Everycat said...

Oh scary! We hide from workmen too, but we head under the beds or into the big wardrobe instead. Our Mum says we never get cute workmen here which pleases our Dad no end! hehehe

Hope your tummy is feeling better Brandi.

Love & purrs to you both as always

Whicky Wuudler

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I'm so glad your mommy isn't going out today. We've read how cold it is by you. We are sending warm purrs and thoughts to you.

You stay on your mommy's lap and keep her warm and home. purrrrrrrs

Be sure to have your mommy check her email before Sunday!!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Anytime we have strangers at the door, Sunny and Ollie have to go run and hide! Sometimes Rascal does, too, but not all the time. She's older and more brave. But I don't blame you for being petrified. Strangers can be very scary.