February 28, 2009

Hey, it's Fraxie and Maxie!

Hey, efurryone!
Fraxie (I'm the one on your right)
and Maxie (I'm the one on your left) reporting today cause it's Squillions Day!!

Happy Squillions Day!!

Fraxie: We've been hanging out in the sun today. Cold out, but we have sun. We thought we would catch you up on stuff here.

The mom has been home alot, and brandi has been taking good care of her. And we met Mr. Hendrix, and he is such a gentlemancat! He comes over sometimes to keep company with brandi. They are so cute together.

brandi loves her new litterbox, and we approve. And she is doing really well for her age. Although I shouldn't mention that.

Maxie: We are having a lot of fun here, and it is always warm and sometimes sunny. I love our little family. I am soo glad I was dopted here. And we have a neighbor woofie, Lizzie, and a neighbor cat, Mystery. Mystery is grey like us, only all grey not like brandi.

Fraxie: We hope your Squillions Day is warm and lovely.

Maxie: And member, doption is a very good thing.

P.S. from brandi: Mama forgot to mention that Thursday was my 3rd Anniversary blogging. She FORGOT.


Sunny's Mommy said...

Happy Squillions Day :-D And Happy 3rd Blogoversary, Brandi :-D

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Brandi, You mom should be ashamed! She is as bad as Jan was last year - she kept forgetting all our special days.

Hopefully, your mom will do better next year!

Happy blogging anniversary.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Fraxie & Maxie! I am so sorry to have missed your big day. I was taking care of my sick mommy and lost track of the days. I am very glad that Brandi has you two to keep her company, you're great squillions!

Brandi, thank you so much for coming and helping care for my mommy. 2 purring snuggling kitties really helped her sleep.

Your new litterbox sounds wonderful! They are so important to us kitties and it is really nice of your mommy to get you a fresh one. Especially one that is easy for her to clean.

I am sorry I missed your blogoversary! I promise to remember next year! purrrrrrrrrs

I hope you have nice warm sunbeams to lay in today sweetie. purrrrrrrrs

Anonymous said...

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THE ZOO said...

Happy Squillions Day and Happy Blogoversary to yoo too.