February 2, 2009

Monday, Monday

Mama had to leave this morning for a pointment. When she camed home, she brought some foodies, she put them away and she left again! When she saw the temperature sign across from the grocery store, she said it was 2 degrees, but she went back out in the cold!

When she camed home again, she didn't have anything with her. But I did get scritchies!

And she stayed home then. And shared her dinner (she had chickies--nom nom), too.

The Puppy Bowl was cool, but I loved the half-time show with the kitties. I noticed there were no torties or calicos or black kitties, though. But the little grey and white one was sooo cute.



meemsnyc said...

We hope she brought you some food!

Anonymous said...

"Boy" your mom sounds busy.Hope she gets some rest and stays warm.

Cliff and Olivia said...

Humans ways are mysterious. In and out with no apparent purpose. But at least she shared her dinner.