February 8, 2009

Sunday Snooze

I wanted to honor Jake and Bear yesterday, so that was the post for the day.

So today I will tell you about our yesterday. It was warm (in the upper 30's plus) and mama opened a window a bit for fresh air, then she wented away. She walked to the liberry (and no, no kitties present) and gotted some books. Boring boring boring. But she also wented to the thrift store which is on the way home and she boughted two books. One that she gotted was the Magical Christmas Cat by Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, and Linda Winstead Jones. Now that one haded a pretty white kitty on the front! Paw of approval on the cover!

She also stopped at a foodie place and broughted me *ahem* her lunch. Cheezeburger! I had some, so she did buy part of it for me. Sorry mama, but that is the truth.

Skeezix gave us suggestions on our bloggie, which was really nice. He didn't answer all our questions yet, but we did get my posts wider and my linkies wider, and that was a big part of our problem, so we thank him soo much. His bean losted her jobbie and has been busy searching and we know how hard that is, so it was very nice to answer even part of our questions.

Today is nice, too, and the window is open a crack and it's 30 36 degrees and sunny.

love to all, and purrs,

ps. The Orange, Striped, & Proud blog is BACK. Go visit! Click on the name above, or I put them in the new bloggie section of my linkies for a while.
pps. Mama promises to look in our infrequent blogger list to see if anyone there has started blogging more. I think there are a few.


meemsnyc said...

Cheeseburgers are yummy. And its nice to have the window open!!

Anonymous said...

I love cheeseburgers and you have sun I'm so jealous :)

Sunny's Mommy said...

Sounds like your Mama had a nice time out shopping enjoying the weather. And she shared her cheeseburger with you :-D That's a great day!

That was very nice of Skeezix to help you work on your blog :-)

the orange tabbies (and little tortie sister!) said...

fank you for the linkie, brandi! we appurriciate it! hopefully mom will do a better job at hanging around :)

xo-pippin, turtle, and ava grace

Thoughts said...

Ive never heard of that blog before but i will go visit if you say so brandi!