September 13, 2009

Dear beans who are computer savy: please see below for update
I am begging for help. Mama has been lending our computer out to another lady down the hall with an all gray kitty named Mystery. Mystery has a real atitude. And she has a crush on my boyfriendcat. Anyway, Mystery's mom has been trying to change to a three column minima blog, and we encouraged her, as we want one too. We asked Skeezix, we looked at the Cutest Blog on the Block, Mystery's mom checked out a "dummies" book from the library that no one could understand (guess we are below dummies), and we can't do it. If you look at Skeezix's directions on his help blog, we get to this is how your blog should look on the layout page, and it shows a squished three column blog, and tells how to go on from there and then TA-DA, a three column blog. But our layout page at that point still is two column.
We can't ask Skeezix again. We can't add comments to his help blog. We don't know where else to go.
Mystery wants a three column blog.
So do we. :-(
Mama Carol
Mystery and her mom

ps. please also let us know if the music on here is annoying. We are kinda getting annoyed at it. Is it stopping bloggers from reading our blog??? If so, we will get rid of it. We can always save it on the playlist site and play it there for ourselves if we wish. We just don't want to irritate others. Thanks.

Dear Max. Bless you. First we had the wrong site. Then Mystery took a long time to figure out what template she wanted and how to get the template on her blog. Now, she's pretty in pink! I guess she has to get the widgets back she wants, and when she is finished, it's MY TURN! I am so xited!!!!! Just mad that we picked the same template, but oh, well. *sigh*


Max said...

The blog template you're using might not be easily editable to become 3 columns. XML is a little trickier to play with than straight HTML. There are lots of places to get 3 column blog templates, like's got some good ones. All you have to do is download the template you like to your computer, then get into your Blogger account, and upload it. But save your old template first in case you want to change it back.

brandi said...
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brandi said...

All we want is help with the codes for a three column blogspot blog. btemplates doesn't seem to help guide us to someone who could help. Remember we are less than dummies...

brandi said...

Wait. I think I got the wrong site. Stay tuned. And if anyone in the meantime can help, by all means comment

Max said...

I peeked and her blog is very pretty now. It's ok if you have the same look, lotsa blogs do.