September 29, 2009

Tale of Tuesday

This time two cleaning ladies arrived!  I didn't have to hide! I got to take naps!! One cleaned the kitchen and one my bathroom really good--even mama's part!! Above and beyond the call of duty!!  Before they came I had some of that gourmet fancy feast salmon florentine.  Since I was such a good kitty (as always) I got Dentabites after and then, and then and then for dinner?? HAMM!
They can come back anytime if I get treated that royally.
They were really sweet ladies.
Really, mom.
Just load up on the fancy feast, dentabites, and hamm!!
They can come back.


Grrreta said...

Hamm...Yum! We really like your new blog design. It's very pretty.

The Island Cats said...

Glad they were good cleaners!

4 Boys and a Lady said...

It's great the ladies were beyond expectations. =)