September 28, 2009

Monday is a GOOD day?

Okay, it was nice to have mama share her tuna with me.  Tunie water! I love Tunie water.  But then when she was cleaning around the kitchen and I was trying to talk to her, she was so busy she told me to shut up.  I was just saying thank you for the tuna and was she getting me anything else to go with it.
Sheesh.  Don't you just hate it when they just don't understand?
The cleaning lady called in sick.  Another one is supposed to come tomorrow.  We got an estimate from one that cost about 4 month's rent. They wanted to completely redo the whole place. And we like our place. We don't want a designer.  Just a clean place.
And the nice smelly one can't come til the 15th.  She only charges half a month's rent. But when she sees how small this place really is, I bet it will be less. We are still very interested in eco friendly nice smelly stuff.
So mama hasn't given me any Dentabites today.  Since this morning, anyway.
At least I got tunie water....

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4 Boys and a Lady said...

We bet the tunie water was a real treat!

Hope you get a nice permanent cleaning lady soon! We don't trust the one that wanted to rearrange the place. (Wow!)

Nermal, Nico, Virgil, Westley, and Maggie