January 4, 2010

Monday Update

Mama gotted up early today and washed the floors and cleaned the kitchen and changed my stinky litterbox. Well, you know how particular we are about litterboxes. She did fine.  Anyway, the bug guy camed, only it was a different one. Our guy was accross the hall. Waah.  I like him.
Anyway, most of the day I snuggled on a blankie that my mama left on the daybed. Mama had stuff to do, talking to her insurants again, ordering her insulin, and talking to her gloocomater company with questions about her new one and how to program it, for starters.
She has to go out in the cold tomorrow to see her diabetes nurses, which is downtown and not too bad to get to.  She has to get home as soon as possible cause her insulin comes tomorrow, delivered, thank goodness. Wednesday she has to go to the doctors--now it's supposed to be around 9 degrees out and it's going to snow. She has three busses to take and is not happy about it. It is one of those days that she wishes she had a car.
Tomorrow night is a residence meeting, so mama will be going to it. They say they have some noos to give us.
That's it. Thats the Monday update.
Take care. Stay warm.  Most of the US is pretty cold.


Kea said...

We're cold here too, and longing for spring.

Good luck to your mom--yep, there are times when it would be very convenient to have a car!

-Kim with Annie, Nicki, Derry and "angel" Chumley

Huffle Mawson said...

Poor mum having to go out in the cold like that! I hope it does not snow for her.