January 20, 2010


We have been gone for awhile.  Mama has not been feeling well, dealing with a bad cold, and we are beginning the last stage of the remodel next week. It's already very loud here and they are about 3 doors down from us! Mama is going to take me to the upstairs lounge again on at least Monday and Tuesday.  She doesn't know what to do with some of our stuff. I think I am out of a bedroom for a few days!
See you soon.


Kea said...

I wondered if everyone was okay! Hope your mom feels better soon and that the renos are over with quickly. They do make a big mess--lots of noise and chaos and dust that gets everywhere.

Purrs and kitty kisses!

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Hi Brandi :) We are sorry your Mom has not been well :( Good thing she has you to look after her.
We are sure the noise does not help,so we purr the men work quickly and your home is done up in no time :) We hope they are neat too :o
Purrs Mickey, Georgia Tillie

Ikaika said...

Hi Ms. Brandi ... I hope the remodeling gets done quickly so you and your Mama can have your apartment back again. Construction is very stressful! Keep watching over your Mama, and I hope her cold gets better.

Karen Jo said...

It's terrible to be without a bedroom. I hope that the renovations are over soon and that your Mom gets over her cold.

Shilgiah the Cat said...

Oh my, we've been bad about not visiting as much as we should and just read your blog entry.

We hope your mom is all well now and your remodel is about finished. Let us know if it was an adventure or a scary experience. I hate noisy stuff...our apartment complex repainted last summer and it made mom and us crazy! Be well :)

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

Hope all is going well there with you & Mama, Brandi.
We know you will do a fine job cuddling her.

Karen Jo said...

I have given you an award to cheer you up while you are waiting for your home to get done.