January 7, 2010

Thursday Sthtuff

We snuggled today, and mama was busy doing "sthtuff". Most of her tests turned out really well. She had one of her medicines changed cause of  her A1C test.  If you have or know someone who has diabetes, that test is very important.  So she got that medicine changed.  It was also making her cough, so that should go away.
Like I said, most of the tests were good. 
I don't like it when she coughs. I always run and check on her to see if she is okay. No, really. I don't like her sick. I come running to check on her when she coughs. This cough was only cause of the medicine. A side effect. But still.  It makes me worry anyway. I can't wait for that cough to go away.
Stay warm, all.


Kea said...

Brandi, you are a wonderful companion to your mom. My cats run AWAY from me if I start coughing!

Glad most of the tests came out so well!


Cat of Nine Tales said...

That's so sweet that you check on your mom when she coughs. We hope her new medicines do good for her!
~Lisa Co9T

Huffle Mawson said...

You are a good girl to check on your mama like that Brandi. I hope the new medicines do a good job.