March 27, 2010

Late Friday News

New Stove is IN!!!  Finally.  They had a lot of problems with installing it BECAUSE we have not been remodelled yet.  Serves them right!!!!
They cleaned the floor where the old stove was first.  We got the dust bunnys (lots) and they scraped the grease from the floor.  Considering the amount of cooking mama does NOT do, and never fries ANYthing, it was pretty obvious that under the stove was yucky BEFORE we moved here. Blehh!
Our cleaner was here after that, and was happy to do a lot of moving around stuff and cleaning.  We stuffed a lot of the bags of pots and pans in the pantry because we were tired of walking around them, so a lot more of the floor is free for me to walk around now and she was able to clean more.  She also washed the closet floors on her hands and knees! Wow!
Anyway, that's our exciting Friday news.
I like our cleaner.  She is nice.  She says she usually scares kitties cause she moves around so fast (yup, she does), but she talks nice to me, so I like her. She also makes sure my foodie  bowl is full. Tee Hee.

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Kea said...

Yay for the new stove! :-)