March 31, 2010

We used to live in this neighborhood, remember?  See the tall building in the background?  We lived 4 buildings to the left of it.  We kinda miss the lake and the park. But I can promise you it doesn't look like that today!
We would like to let you see what today looks like HERE, in our new neighborhood. Let's just say there is NOT a bit of that nasty snow!

Okay, it's an old picture. But the trees really are beginning to look like that!


Mr. Hendrix said...

Isn't it great spring is finally feeling, and looking, like spring?? I'm sorry your piggy's snout got lost. I hope you find it soon. All those coins can buy lotsa dentibytes.
I'm all caught up on your news. Mommy got a case of the busys this week and I didn't get any computer time. sigh. I think I need to do another retraining session with her.
I'm glad you have a nice new stove and the floor is all clean. purrrrrs and nose kisses

Everycat said...

Your trees look beautiful Brandi, and I bet you are welcoming Spring with open paws. I hope all this upheaval is over for you and your Mama very soon, it sounds exhausting.

We are jealous of your lovely warm weather, there's freezing winds and nasty cold rain here in Somerset today - brrrrrr!

Happy Easter to you both!

Whicky Wuudler

Harry Spotter said...

I love all the trees. Have a very Happy Easter.

Tina T-P said...

I hope you have a very Happy Easter! We are having ham for dinner - if you were here Brandi, we would give you some :-) T.