March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

Mama left me today!  Well, for the afternoon, anyway.  And she camed home smelling like fish.  Without giving me any!
She had a ppointment at the clinic and said she has another one on Thursday.  Thursday is cause of her dema on her ankles.
Tomorrow we have to get up early and move stuff away from the windows.  It seems they want to cook the windows.
No, mama says, cawk not cook.  Whatever!
And mama said it is another one of the silly things that they do around here.  They put the lights in the hallways on motion detector to save on energy, so at night you had to stand in the middle of the hallway and wave your hands if you wanted to lock or unlock your door not in the dark (I think the fire department told them they HAD to have some light on in the hallways, cause that changed really quick).  Now tomorrow they are cawking the windows, something most normal beans do before cold weather, not before hot weather!!  Mama swears she's leaving tomorrow, and I can go sit in the shower (it's what I do when there is commotion around here).  But I bet she will stay with me. If only to see where they cawk, cause she can't see any evidence of any old cawk. And then she'll probably laugh at them when they leave, cause she thinks this is a pretty stupid project in Minnesota in the springtime. And hey, it is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow!
That's our update for today.
love and special kisses for my manly Sugar Pie on Manly Monday,

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