June 22, 2010

Getting there

Mama has been busy all afternoon washing pots and pans and stuff and putting them away. By 9 this morning the cool air conditioner went on, cause it was getting really humid. It is now almost dinner time and it's 90 degrees F. out. Whew.  It is nice in here. Otherwise, standing over a hot steamy sink would have done mama in several hours ago. As it was, she plugged in her small desk fan on the fabulous new kitchen counter.
I know, still no pictures.  Would you believe that she still hasn't even done the glasses, bowls, dishes, and the microwave bowls she stored away last fall?  They are still in two tubs. And still has some tupperware kinds of stuff to wash, and her travel mugs (yes, there are several. Three with no handles and one with).
Mama is going a little slow.  She hoped to have the whole kitchen done by today, but her back is keeping her off schedule.  Still, it doesn't stop her from occasionally cuddling me and making sure, a course, that I have plenty of foodies, water, and denties.
I was distracted this morning from my morning denties cause one of the construction workers camed back to put something called a kick plate on the outside of our new front door(?) I didn't like the drill.  Mama thought the worker was hansome.  We did denties later.
Mama has lots of stuff to do by the end of tomorrow.  Thursday she has a pointment and is hoping to have pictures up. At least of the kitchen.
keep kool kitties,
p.s.  mama forgotted.  The neighborhood parade is today!  Guess we aren't going in this heat.  And can't hear  the bands with the a/c on. Oh, well, there's always next year.


Harry Spotter said...

Congrats on your new kitchen. We know the feeling. We can't wait to see the big reveal.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yep, lots for your mom to do and it's good you have ac or she wouldn't have gotten this far.

Ikaika said...

Yay for the new kitchen! Tell your Mama to pace herself ... it's hard when you want everything nice and put away, but her health is more important. Purrs to you, Miss Brandi ...

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Yeah, yoor mom should not push herself. Dem dishes will get done, dey don't hafta be done right NOW!