June 7, 2010

Once again, here we are!

Mama had a surprise last week.  She had both her sisters and one of her brothers come and visit. Both sisters have seen our partment half done (last fall) and couldn't believe it wasn't done yet.
And I didn't even budge (the rocking chair is MINE).
We love the new bathroom floor, and mama gotted me a new litterbox, since she has a new toilet.
They have a drawing for a Christmas bear, a Harrods bear named Archie, at Harrods (that's a British store, for all you non-UK bloggers). Mama loves bears, so she entered her name.  She also liked a Beefeaters bear there, but there was no contest for it.... Winner to be emailed by June 16th....
Cross your paws, friends.
I still miss Lizzie (she was our neighbor french poodle). Mama said she wented to the PetSmart with her siblings (among other places) and looked at all the kitties (no, I am not jealous. Mama has a big heart and there is a rule here about one cat per partment).  They were all napping (of course).
They also wented to the grooming area and saw some woofies getting fur cuts. One of her sisters said one of the little woofies looked sort of like her Molly, and she was really scared.  The other woofies didn't look scared.
That's the news.


Harry Spotter said...

I hope your mum wins the bear . We will keep our paws crossed. Keep us posted.

The Island Cats said...

Thanks for that update! We wish your mom luck and hope she wins that bear!!

meemsnyc said...

It's so nice to have family visiting!

The Meezers or Billy said...

hi Brandi and BrandisMom! we're glad you updated!

Shilgiah the Cat said...

We hope you get the Archie Bear! We'll cross our paws too.

Your momma's siblings would be your auntie's right? So, did they get you any special treats when they went to look at the napping kitties and woofies at PetSmart?

Hope you had a good time with them anyway with or without special treats.

Simba and Persia said...
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