June 30, 2010

Update on inspection- and a peek

Ooh they turned the water off yesterday.  And they are turning it off tomorrow, too. Mama was good last time and made sure my water bowl was clean and full and that she had some water, too, so I am not too panicked. They are fixing the water heater or something in the building.
She took a bunch of pictures of the partment, and, of course, me curled up on my rocking chair, so I made her promise to upload them and let you all see.
Tracie is coming on Friday! She called today to see if we passed the inspection.
Of course we did.  And she helped.
Next inspection (we hope) will be next February!!
And here is a peek of what was going on:

Yes the frigermator was in front of the microwave. And a new wall was built. 
New pictures coming. We promise.  But mama likes to tease.
love and hugs to all,

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Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Wow! It's looking good!