October 12, 2012

Happy Friday

Mom's movie was kinda long last night.  It was Inception, and she said it was very good.  A dream within a dream within a dream. What ever that means.
Anyway, it was lonely all evening.  At least mom left the light on.  But NOT the Animal Planet. Sheesh. No fun!
Katie Isabella gaved me an award.  And I have to find 5 blogs to pass it on to. So here it is:
I guess it's because I am a sweet ladycat. Anyway, finding someone to pass it on to is a little hard, cause lots of blogs have this.  Hope I'm not accidentally giving you a duplicate. I think this should go to all of you, though.  You're all pretty sweet.  Even you grumpy ones! Here it goes:
 Betty the Bichon
 Perfectly Parker

I know there are two woofies in my list, but they deserve awards, too. And the award didn't say one sweet CAT award!
Have a (what else) sweet Friday, all!


Dorothy Abernathy said...

Dear Miss Brandi,

We were visiting Katie Isabella's blog and decided to check out yours. One of us is a handsome grey kitty with a white bib, tummy and 4 white socks. We think you white blaze is very beautiful....and so is your blog.

Brian said...

Congrats Brandi! We think you are a sweet one too!

Cotton said...

Thanks again, Brandi!!!:)
Woof you, you're one pawesome kitteh

Parker said...

Oh Brandi - thank you! Ricky is so proud and happy - hope you are doing OK!