January 29, 2015


We have lots to be thankful for. Well, at least it is something that has been bugging us since we got this puter last week? Was it only that? Felt like an eternity!


That's right. WE HAVE SOUND! So we are going to be catching up on a lot of stuff on the puter. Birdies! Kitties! Mommy's stuff! Mommy talked to the place that we got the puter from, and the receptionist told us an easy fix. AND I MEAN EASY! Woo Hoo!
We are so grateful, so thankful. And why didn't Mommy call them first?????
I guess we have to pity our poor pets.  They have no sense of logic, now, do they? Wasn't that my first suggestion? Peoples!
So that is our top to be thankful for this week.
On to the birdie songs! Toot Sweet! 
love ya,
Still guessing my middle name??


Christy Paws said...

Hi Quinn. Nice to meet you. I just discovered your blog and did a little poking around. I look forward to reading more from you. Glad you got your sound back!

Anonymous said...

Glad yous got sound now Quinn, dat's gweat. Oh weez furgot 'bout da middle name fing. Why do yous just now hav a middle name? Did yous not hav one afur? So is yous middle name sugaw?

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

modern nomad said...

We are so glad you finally have sound!
Have a great Thursday!

Noodle and crew

Maxwell, Faraday and Allie said...

Woot! Birdie tweets are FUN!