January 16, 2015

Saturday Stuff

Dear Friends,
It is so wonderful being back on the internet, even though we have no pictures. Hopefully we will get our own computer fixed at some point. But without pictures, well, we can still be here!
Now for another problem (!) we need help with:
Mommy, not being that computer savvy after all these years, doesn't know how to get the sound to work on this puter. Everything we check says it is on and stereo and at maximum volume and even the light on the speaker works as soon as the puter is turned on.  But all we get is ~~silence~~.
So we have to program this puter's speakers somehow? It says we are using a specific brand of speakers and that is not what we actually have. Do we go to some magic web site and download something? Both computers are the same brand, Dell, although several years different.
Where do we go from here? ??
I can't even get birdy sounds!
If you know how to help, please let us know. Do we just need new speakers? Did they malfunction along with our old hard drive? What are we missing (besides ~~sound~~)?
If not, well, that's okay.  We all aren't techie. Mommy sure isn't!
There are some things we are missing on this puter. We put a calendar gadget on our desktop that comes and goes (it is definitely not supposed to do that), along with time and temp and we can't get Weather Underground to work (it keeps saying copy the code, but we have no idea WHERE). And Mommy liked the analog clock she put on the desktop and she can't find one on the internet. Minor problems.
Now one of the main problems we have is catching up with all our reading on here. We still have over 600 blog entries to read! It is going to take days!!!
So pardon us right now. I am making Mommy read ALL of them to me, and I think it is going to take DAYS. We need to find out about all the things that have been happening on the blogosphere! You know, the good things and the sad things. You do know we did keep purraying for all of you even when we couldn't  be on here! Yes we did!
Have a very sweet Saturday, all.
love ya,


pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Welcome back Quinn- that is a lot of blogging to catch up on-good luck.

Lone Star Cats said...

Hope y'all can get it figured out.

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

We would be ovfurwhelmed if'n we had to catch up with that many posts! OMC!
We feel bogged down in blogs if we have 20 to read...MOL!
Hope you get your issues worked out. Meowmy is not a tech head at all...sigh...

Anonymous said...

Oh Quinn, yous know we not be tech savvy. Wish we kuld help, but weez not hav a clue. Weez just glad to see you. Hope yous get yous puer fixed soon and back home. What you need is one of those fumm dwives to save yous fotos too so dat you can share 'em fwum any puter. But you don't weally hav to hav fotos. We won't furget what you look like...gawjus.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

GLOGIRLY said...

Happy New Year, Quinn! So sorry to hear about your techie troubles...those are always confusing and hard to solve for us too. We wish we had an answer for you...when Glogirly can't figure something out, she just asks Google. Sometimes that works... emphasis on *sometimes.*

Happy Caturday!
Katie & Waffles

Jans Funny Farm said...

We did take a look on the internet for no sound and found it depends on which windows operating system you are using and what type of computer (HP, Compaq, etc.). We don't know that information so we're no help. We do hope you get things working. We know how frustrating computers can be.

The Menagerie Mom said...

Welcome back, Quinn! It's so good to hear from you!

This furball mom is probably no more tech savvy than your mom, Quinn, and we don't have sound on our computer right now either! But we hope yours gets resolved soon, Quinn, so that you can go back to listening to those birdy sounds!