March 8, 2015

Easy Sunday

Sunday funny for you! Well, it is funny for your humans. It is very true for us kitties!
They say all the snow will be gone in a few days. We'll definitely see about that! It is above freezing anyway, and Mommy opened two windows this morning!  Wonderful window whiffies!
Now, Mommy doesn't qualify for state or county aid, has to rely on her Medicare and her insurants for the most part, and that makes it hard for us sometimes. She is trying to get a walker through a local social services group (our friend Barb is helping us look), and that might work out, but Mommy has made calls all over the metro area! Other seniors and disableds qualify for a lot more help than we get.  Actually, they qualify for help, period, and Mommy doesn't seem to.  Which is sad, because she used to work FOR the county. We have a big insulin bill coming up and Mommy says life gets a little scary around here sometimes.
Anyway, she goes to the clinic tomorrow, so she will be gone most of the day. And we have a Chewy delivery coming soon! Now before anyone says anything about getting my foodies cheaper, STOP! Most of you know the quality of Chewy's stuff, and Mommy will not compromise on my health with cheap food and painful litter (yes, someone declawed me when I was little, so I get Cat Attract, which is more comfy for my toesies), and Chewy's prices are reasonable and they deliver right to our door. We don't have a car. And Mommy can't carry heavy stuff. So there!  I get Chicken Soup canned stuff and Purina Beyond salmon and rice crunchies!
We hope to hear from the peoples who maybe can help Mommy very very soon. We've tried lots of places and churches and everything. Cross your paws, please!! This is sort of a last resort.
Now, Thursday is Mommy's birthday. She would really like to go somewhere nice to eat, or just order in, but that isn't possible right now. She is still worried about that insulin she has to pay for. So I told her just to make something nice and we will maybe cuddle. I am not much of a lap cat so I would rather just sit close by and that I can do. As long as she pets me.
Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend, and survived turning the clocks ahead last night. Silly peoples make life interesting, don't they! Have an Easy!

love ya,


Nerissa said...

You know what Quinn? Cuddlin' with the peeps is one of the best gifts a kitty can give 'em. My Peep #1 would MUCH rather cuddle with me than go out, anywhere. Peeps are suckers for a good cuddle, for sure.


pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Sorry your Mom is having a rough time. She is very sweet to make sure you have your good quality food. I know around here each town has a senior center and they all take donations of walkers, canes, etc. to offer to those in need. Maybe she could try one of those or put up a wanted on craigslist.

Georgia and Julie said...

Quinn, we are sad to hear about your Moms troubles. We purr very hard that things will improve for her sometime soon. We know it is hard with more needs than money.
We purr your Mom has a happy birthday on Thursday.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Anonymous said...

Sowry yous mommy dusn't qualify fur da extwa help. Sumfin' dusn't seem quite wight there. As fur yous noms and pawdee box, yous deserve da bestest. Mommy sez dat a better quality food means cheaper vet bills cuz yous not get so sick as when yous eat "junk". Mommy dusn't eat much ever, so we can hav high quality noms and pawdee box filler. And now Lexi's medicines. Maybe yous mommy kuld make sumfin' special fur hers Meowday to share wiff you. We don't weally know what gwocewies cost cuz mommy can't afford to buy anyfin', but maybe hers kuld get sumfin' at da store fur not too much munny. Mommy got a 1/2 box of cwackers da udder day fur .50 cents cuz da store flooded and they got wet. So they wuz sellin' da wer ones as chicken food. Mommy sed she put 'em in da oven fur a foo minutes and they purretty much dwied out. It's sumfin' to eat at least. Anyways, weez'll be purrayin' yous mommy gets what she needs.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Yes, check out the senior places, second hand stores and maybe the hospitals can help you with ideas.

Try phoning them to avoid wasting time on fruitless missions...

And hang in there. We hope you will find what you need.
And remember have a Happy Birthday! Our grand Meowmy always told meowmy to celebrate her occasions no matter the circmstances...

((((( ♥ )))))

Savannah's Paw Tracks said...

Dearest Quinn, I also hope your Mommy has a nice happy birthday coming up. And, has she ever thought about trying to use You Caring to do a little fund raiser to help you both through tough time? Just do a "Google" search for You Caring.

Colehaus Cats said...

Ah, fresh whiffies! Sending purrs from the eight of us!

Mr Puddy said...

I'm not just do paw crossed for your mom but purrs hard for her as well. And I hope your mom has a fantastic birthday coming :)
((( hug )))

Jans Funny Farm said...

Happy birthday, Carol! We hope something wonderful happens for you!

Christy Paws said...

Hope you're having a wonderful birthday today with lots of cuddles. Purring for you.

Cathy Keisha said...

We feel sorry for you and your Mom. TW was lucky that they expanded medicaid in NJ so she qualifies but the doctors stink. Does your Mom qualify for food stamps. TW is thinking about applying but she’s got her pride. I also eat better than they do. TW was furious cos she paid a lot to Petco for my food and it came all smashed in.