March 6, 2015

Finally Friday

Wanted to give everyone an update. It has been a busy week, now that Mommy feels better. At last I can take my nappies seriously! She has of course pampered me in gratitude for all the hard work nursing I did!
Yesterday she left me. Barb came and picked her up, but she didn't come in to pet me! Not fair! I like Barb's scritchies!
They went out to track down information on a walker. Now around here Walker is a senior home in south Minneapolis Or an art place. Or one of those rolly things that peoples use to steady themselves. Since I do not want to move or look at art, I vote for the rolly thing. After all, Mommy has fallen quite enough!  She said they are kinda expensive, and Medicare and insurants don't pay a lot for them. So it is up to the people themselves.
Now, Mommy thinks this is a crappy way to treat seniors. She thinks Medicare and insurants should cover things like that when doctors write down that they are needed. But then, they won't help her pay much for her insulin or allow her money for foodies and doctor bills. She has a whopping one from when she was in the hospital for 2 days! Her share of the bill is over 500 green papers! No one helps pay much if at all for glasses, toofies, incontinence supplies and hearing aids, either! Not fair, she says. And I agree. We live in a senior building and there are lots of peoples here who need stuff like that! You know that commercial that says something about "do we pay for food or our medicines" is kinda true for lots of peoples. Peoples should care for other peoples better. Especially when they get all old and stuff! Just wait till you have to care for YOUR peoples cause they are old! Peoples are sure dumb sometimes about each other. It is a good thing we have mommies and daddies who take care of us! And we need more mommies and daddies and less shelters!
Okay, enough of the serious stuff. Whew! I'm getting exhausted!
Don't tell anyone, but Mommy's birthday is next week. I'm going to be sure to give her extra purrs cause that's all I can afford. I don't get a real allowance. But she'll like my gift, I know!
It is supposed to get warmer here. It hasn't snowed much this winter, but it sure has been cold! I am glad I live in a nice warm home!
Now, back to my nappiezzzzzzzz


Lone Star Cats said...

Happy birthday to your mommy!

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Happy Early birthday to you Mom!

Meowmy feels fur all the shortcomings of our society...sigh...

Stay warm, spring and sunshiney days will come!! We hope:))

Anonymous said...

Happy early Meowday to yous mommy Quinn. Weez giv mommy purrs and massages fur all da special days cuz dat's all we can afford too. As fur da walker, duz yous mommy hav state insuwance help? It's usually called medicaide, but weez not so sure 'bout yous state. She might noot qualify fur da whole fing, but she might qualify like ow mommy duz fur da pawt dat pays da 20% dat Medicare dusn't. Ifin she hasn't applied, yous mommy shuld apply fur it cuz it weally helps out. They wuld pay da pawt of da walker dat Medicare dusn't. You kuld also look into da Salvation Army or udder second hand stores or ask churches ifin they hav a walker. Offen peeps die and their kids not knowin' what to do wiff their medical supplies give them to churches or second hand shops. Dat's where mommy got hers furst 2 canes. She didn't yet qualify fur insurance. Ifin yous mommy wuld ever like to talk to mommy 'bout fings, you can email us oyus fone nummer. We hav magic jack so it dusn't cost us to make fone calls. Anyways, weez'll be purrayin' fur y'all.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi