March 31, 2015

Here We Are!

We want to thank everyone and efurryone for your kind thoughts on Mommy's loss. The brother that passed was the sibling she was most close to and shared a lot of interests with. She was not able to attend any funeral or memorial because of no green papers and he lived in another state. She has been very sad, but has spent part of our time away from you all remembering all the good things about having such a good brother.
The other thing she has been spending time with is insurants again. Her new medicine insurants. They have given her several quotes on her insulin that were pretty outrageous. They seemed to change with each person she talked to! So as of tomorrow she has a new new medicine insurants which is most reasonable. We hope. In the mean time, she has ordered about a week's supply of insulin through her old plan (because a month's worth was so expensive). She was getting very anxious about it. Her insulin was delivered yesterday, and she really needed it this morning!
Other green paper stuff: she has been trying to purchase a new walker because she has been getting a little more unstable, and a helpful place has promised to help her pay for one, but she has been waiting almost a month for them, and she's pretty upset about that. Waiting is not something she does well. It's a brand new walker and medicare is helping pay for it, too. Just a little bit more and it will be paid for. Can anyone help?
Mommy has several medical-related stuff she needs that she can't afford. One is her share of her last hospital stay. Others involve new glasses, dental work, etc. Would a gofundme page help? Insurants doesn't pay for some stuff for her. Who actually contributes to a gofundme? If she did have one, and she got the green papers she needed, anything left over would be put in a special place for me if I get sick and we would give anything left to our favorite place, Feline Rescue of St. Paul. That's where I found Mommy, ya know. I think that I should share my PayPal account but it won't cover Mommy's stuff.. So what shall we do? I'm sure in the future there will be a wheelchair, too. Those are lots and lots of green papers!
This week the building has given every partment a recycling bin, and they are going to "pick up" twice a week. Pretty cool.  Mommy likes recycling cause it's good for the earth. I thought it was a little noisy when they "picked up" on Monday.
Time out, as they say, for something important for me:
I'm making Mommy stop writing this for me and give me a nice Furminator and massage time!
ZZZZZZZZZwhat? Oh, of course.
I'm back!
We have not been reading blogs for the last week or so, and we have piles of catching up to do. We haven't forgotten you, and we hope you haven't forgotten us! We have piles and oodles of blogs to catch up on.
But never forget we continue to purray and pray, send good thoughts, and think of you all.
Happy Tuxie Tuesday!(of course!!)
Love ya,
(and we mean that sincerely! And not just the tuxies! And we don't ever forget the woofies either!))
and Mommy Carol
Now Mommy, back to the massage!


Anonymous said...

Glad y'all be back. Weez missed ya'. Sowry yousssssss mommy has to wait so long. Dat's da way it is fur those of us too poor to hhelp ourselves. A lot of hurry up on yous pawt gettin' them evewyfin' they need, and then a lot more watin' on yous pawrt fur them. As fur da wheekchair, Medicaire pays most all of dat. And yous medicaid or supplement will pay da west. However yous have to wait a certain amount of time ifin they be buyin' a walker4. They expect it to go in stages. We do hate talkin to insuwance companies too. We hope da new company works out fur yous mommy. And weez glad she wuz able to get sum insulin.. It's pawful when we have to go wiffout ow meds cuz there be no gween papers to cover them. As fur a fundraiser, weez fink ifin there is any extwa yous shuld save it fur da next time,. Mommy sez as long as we be bweavin' weez gunna need sum kinda medical care and medicine. She also sez even ifin youis not eat, yous still have teefies go bad. Hers got a lots of teefies wiff holes in 'em or dat be bwoke off. She sed maybe it's a blessin' she dusn't have any food or money fur it, it wuld purrawlly hurt weally bad to chew it. MOL Anyways, we hope fings get better, and weez be purrayin'.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I could give a little. I also have been setting stuff aside for auctions so if you wanted to have an auction, you would make more with my donations than what I could donate. Also, you can get your prescription from your eye dr. ( by law they have to give it to you) and order online. I bought my hubby a few pairs from and they are well made and cheap.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Unfortunately Mommy wears something called trifocals, and her eyes have to be specially measured. She has seen a couple of sites and wishes....
As for auctions, well, we don't have a clue. We have bought something from an auction--our Maxie! But that was quite before my time.

Nerissa said...

I'm so very sorry to hear 'bout your mum's brother. He would have been your uncle, no? Bet he was a super special uncle, for sure. Your mum probably misses him tonnes and tonnes so she'll need extra love and cuddles from you but I absolutely KNOW that you'll give her all she needs.


Georgia and Julie said...

We are sorry your Mom is having such a hard time.We know she is still sad about the loss of her brother.
We can appreciate that everything is very expensive and we purr the new insurance will be better. We purr for better things for you and your Mom.
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Welcome back, and we are still purring for thongs to get better for you indeed.