August 22, 2016

Heat Wave

Mommy's off again tomorrow. We had our heat treat today. I got lots of compliments!!!
We sat across from the elevators all day. Alllll day! The battery in Mommy's book actually died! I sat in my little PTU nicely and sweetly and loved the sweet words I got.  I even got some sweet sniffs from a couple of nice woofies!! There's a nice long-haired dachshund in our building that I got to meet!
When we got up here Mommy wouldn't let me out of my PTU until she made sure I had water to drink and she turned the fans AND the a/c on! The temperature on one of the fans wouldn't even register what it was! Right now it is 91 degrees Fahrenheit! A few hours later! My water dish (which is metal) needed ice cubes!! And the nice people dumped my crunchies on the floor and we can't find the dish. WTC! *translate that What the Cod* I hit the ladies litterbox first! Then I worried about the water.Then the crunchies. And Mommy has to get at least one new bowl (the one for crunchies). Now I am stuck with the plastic stuff from the cupboard! I do have a pretty bowl for wet foodies, though. They didn't lose that because Mommy didn't have it out this morning!
Oh,  and the pantry and closet doors were left open, so she made sure to close those right away. Party-you-know-whater!
Anyway, Mommy is gone the next couple of days for doctor appointments And then she has to go to WallyWorld for her intsulins. And a neighbor is coming Thursday afternoon to help us put books away on the shelves she can't reach. Would you believe one came this morning VERY early to get them down? Now they all have to go up again. A good thing Mommy is what's called (I think) a bibliophile and she used to work in a library once upon a time!
Did I say they made Mommy take her books down out of the shelves? Yup. Lots of plastic totes to play on!! And Mommy didn't even yell!!! (well, she did yell when I went up on the table, but still, I was mostly good)!!
Anyway, I will try to get Mommy to let me check in the next few days. Cross your paws! And it will finally cool down in here soon!
love ya,
(the STAR of the lobby!)


Mickey's Musings said...

We are not surprised you were the star of the lobby.
You are so pretty, everyone would be attracted to you :)
WE purr your temps go down to a more comfy level too.
It's nice a neighbour is coming to help your mum with the books.

Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Deziz World said...

Hmmmmm This all sounds innerestin' Quinn. We's musta missed somethin' cuz we have no idea why ya'll had to vacate your pawrtments and such, but we's glad ya'll are back home now and gettin' cooled off. Sendin' purrayers.

Luv ya'

Dezi and Raena

da tabbies o trout towne said... stars girl you KNOW you are THE star of your building and dont let anyone else tell you different...indeed.....we had a cool day here in the land of trout so we pray it finds its way to you; fall is not ta far off and we are very happy ~~~~~~~~ hugs from dai$y =^..^= ♥♥♥

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Of course you were the star, you are beautiful.Keep cool.