June 20, 2006

Stormy weather, coming this way?

Well, they say this afternoon there might be storms. So here we are, safe at home. Something to be said for having my mama at home. Although she is verrry sad. She tries every day to apply for something.

Anyway, it is cooler today, and Mr. Squirrel and his chitterer pal have been making the rounds out back. Lots of nappies for me. Right now the sun's out, but that they say will change.

Mama had a crab cake this morning. Doesn't appeal to me. Is there hamm for lunch maybe???

OHHH! Don't forget to say hi to Little Nemo! He's a new kitty (Moses let everyone know about him) that looks like a little Moses! Use my linkie on the side and visit!


Hot(M)BC said...

I hopes the storms aren't too bad. I's glad yall are safe tho! We'll keep our paws crossed for your Mommy to get something good for her real real soon.

~~ Sanjee

PrincessMia said...

We hadded some bad storms yesterday here too. Paws are crossed for your beamom and you. Stay positive.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

We sure hope things will improve for your Mom soon.

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Try not to be scared of the storms. Scrinch your eyes really hard and pray for your Mom to haf good luck findin a jobby.

Timmy said...

Storms are my favoritest! When the light flashes and the kaboomies come, I look up in the skies to see where they come from :) But I dunno if that's the kinda storm you am getting...shmaybe it has one of those tormatoes and that's very scary. But your Mama am there with you so curl up close to her and you can comfort each other. Poodins are good for beans that lose jobs...it's when we shine! I was there for Mama. She cried lots and hugged me lots. Momma says she knows how your Mama feels and all she can say is your Mama's perfect job is out there, keep hunting! And good luck!!