June 25, 2006

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Hi, efurryone!

No thunderboomies at all this weekend. Rain, but no thunderboomies! Although last night there was firework boomies. They had something called Gay Pride Weekend here. Prides are lions, right?? They were celebrating happy lions???? Beans!

Anyway, there were only two jobbies to apply for this weekend. Mama is not liking that!

Remember to say purrayers for all the puddies and beans who need us to remember them....

Oh, and say hello to Vessa. She is Ullrich's sisfur and has her own bloggie now. She is the Furry Fury http://furryfury.blogspot.com. Guys, she is very purrty (we ladies are always purrty, like you guys are always hansome).


Beau Beau & Angie said...

Good fing you gotted no big bangs. Sisfur had a gradeation party and it rained and efurryone was inside. We ated all the stuff that fell onna floor.
Many purrayers and headbutts for some job thingy to come frew for you.

William said...

I wish we had some rain. It's so dry out here!

Plus, it's real good weather to snuggle with Mom, isn't it?

THE ZOO said...

hey brandi, we is hoping your momma heres something good from the interview on wednesday.

Zeus said...

Did you actually get to see the lions? That would have been awesome!