June 11, 2006

Thank you to Oreo

I want to thank Oreo for the great party. We have been having problems with our dial up service being reaaaaallly slow this weekend, so I never got to post on Oreo's blog, but I was at the party several times checking in. I had to check in on mama a lot this weekend, and I guess I was kind of quiet at the party, but I did enjoy the hamm and the tuna water and all the nice kitties, and Oreo's mama is very pretty and nice.

Mama moved her stuff out of her office Saturday, so there is a lot of stuff here at home now!

She has to meet the new person Monday who gotted the new job at her office. They are also making her go to the first part of the meeting on Wednesday, so they can say goodbye, but after that I think she can leave.

Once again, Oreo's party was sooo nice. I need my nappies just to recover from all that teleporting!

1 comment:

Oreo said...

Fanks for coming to mine party!! I REALLY enjoyed it!