December 2, 2006


It is cold! 13 degrees right now! Mama was gone a million nappies today. She camed home with a visitor. A little calico kitty which will go to a friend's house soon. It is a toy one.

One of her friends really wanted a stuffed calico kitty, and mama saw one at the second hand store she was at today, and it was $1.69 or something, really cheap, so mama got it for her. AND, mama gotted a nother bear. Mama, you are not supposed to buy any more! Well, he is cute, sort of. With a little hat and scarf for winter. But enough bears!!

We will be cuddling a lot, it is so cold.... Mama and me, not the bear. Although he is furry furry. Hmm.

Love, headbumpies, purrayers for those in need,
and sweet nosekisses for my sweet one,

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Kimo & Sabi said...

Maybe you need a little hat and scarf too!