December 15, 2006

Friday Update

I had to hide from mama a little while ago. She was very very mad at her computer. She was in the middle of applying for a job when her computer got stuck. She had to turn it off and reboot and go back to the application. Thankfully the company saved most of it, so she finished. But she was very very man, and yelled. It's her anti-virus protection that keeps doing this. It's just one of those things we put up with, but in the middle of important stuff it makes her mad.

Well, she's calmed down, and now everything is okay.

No interviews set up for next week or anything. And that makes mama very sad. She says she has a headache now, so we are going to snuggle for a while.

Have a good weekend.

love, headbumpies, purrs, and purrayers,
nosekisses to my brave and sweet Sugar Pie,


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Seems like der is a lots of yellin goin on now. Momma yelled dat daddy and it wuz skaree. Momma hardly efur yells about aneefing. She sez she'z tired, we fink she needz moor nappies. I hopes yoor momma izn't too sad, dat is not good fur momma'z to be sad. She will getz a jobbie, sum bean will see dat dey needz hur. We'll keep purraying.

One of us said...

We think the compuuuper should be squirted with the WATER BOTTLE when it refuses to do anything ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko Ko

Karen Jo said...

I'm sad that your Mama doesn't have any interviews to go to next week. Things will get better.

Patches & Mittens said...

Momma says she bets it was Norton that did it! She hates Norton. She used AVG, which is great and free too!


Anonymous said...

Mommy hates when the computer does that and always when your doing something important.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

It is stinky when mommy's get mad. Our Norton does that too sometimes and I go hide. Computers should behave when our beans are doing something important like filling out applications or blogging and stuff.
I'm sure things will gets better soon. You gives your mommy lotsa snuggles and that will makes her happier than anything.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

pssssssss makes sure you check my bloggy for a special post. We almost missed it, but we really didn't want to!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

it's furry hard around the holidays ta get a job (unless yur in retail), but yur momma's gonna get sumfin soon. things always work out somehow, don't they?

Eric and Flynn said...

Owr mum gets mad wiv it too when that happens.She sed sumbuddy cawled Norton messes fings up furr her too wiv his firewall, so mebbe the water bottle wud be a gud ideer to put the fire owt.