December 7, 2006

The Letter

Nothing much happened today. Again. Right now it is 10 degrees outside. But I have been snuggling, either with mama or with the blankies, or in my lounger. One of mama's friends is going to give me a little blankie for my lounger, I think. I overheard them talking on the phone today. I think it's sposed to be a secret though.

Lots of nappies today, dreaming of my Sugar Pie.

Chrissymouse is coming. Everyone is putting up their trees and decorating and stuff. Santy Claws just has to be good to us this year. Here is my letter to him:

Dear Santy Claws,

I don't need anything this year. I just want a jobbie for mama. I promise to be good. Well, maybe some hamm. And mama gives that to me anyway. So, I guess that's all we need. Santy, can you help those furry ones at the Barking Ark in St. Cloud all get furrefer homes? And help all our furends who are sickly, or out of work like mama? Maybe all you can do is a little pressie for each to cheer them up, but that's okay. It would help. Oh, and maybe a special gift for my sweetie. And mama wants one of those cat calendars. And a new long black scarf.

Thank you, and make Mrs. Claws bake you something special for when you come home Chrissymouse, and have a cup of hot chocolate waiting and your favorite cat to purr on your lap. Wait, you'r kinda big, so better make that a bunch of your favorite cats! A nice warm purrblankie!


p.s. Smudge is having surgery on next Tuesday. Think healing thoughts!

And please purray for little Libby. She might have to be helped over the Bridge. We are so sad for her family.


Karen Jo said...

I like your letter to Santy Claws. A jobbie would be the best present he could bring your Mama. I hope he has one tucked up in his bag for her already. Maybe he could drop it off early.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

May all your Christmouse wishes come true...