December 20, 2006


Ok, mama left midmorning. She wented downtown with a friend. She didn't get back until midafternoon. She gotted lots of phone calls which interupted my nappies when she was gone. I have been ignoring her since she got home.

Next, signing on to blogger took me a squillion minutes today. It insisted I should have a google account first, but didn't give me any option of converting.

Enough to make me crabbie.

Love, headbumpies and purrs anyway,

p.s. I like Miles' and my sweetie's wish lists! And go visit "and then there were" for a nice storytime. After that, who could be crabby?


Kimo & Sabi said...

We're afraid of the new blogger...they's trying to FORCE us to switch...don't they know you can't force a cat to do anything! Pfft!

Karen Jo said...

I hope some of those phone calls were about jobbies. It sounds like Blogger is being crabby to a lot of kitties. I'm glad you got over your case of the crabbies. I'm still hoping hard for your Mama.