February 22, 2007

Hello Again

Mama talked to the owner here today. He is the holdup for the new apartment. He won't even verify that we live here, much less give a reference. Now he says maybe we should stay for another month and clean the apartment up. NO! We want out of here! Nasty man!

No jobs, either. Mama is going to go to a temp place tomorrow. She doesn't like it. They haven't promised her anything, even benefits. So, maybe it won't work. But she's trying.

That's all the news. We are very upset.



ML (Mary Lynn) said...

That landlord sounds like some kind of sadist. Can you get some legal assistance, fast, since he did threaten to throw you out on the street.

Does he want you to stay or to go???? What is his problem???

Can you email me his name and address/phone info, please.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Sounds almost like the owner had a sales offer fall through, or something. For sure he is playing some sort of game.

If the owner wants you to stay another month (or two or three?), that itself ought to serve as some sort of reference for the new place.

Do you have utility bills, credit cards, or anything along that line? They might serve to verify that you live where you live.

And keep on with the temp agencies. After all, they are temporary both for you and the company. If you find something better, you can leave, usually without even giving notice.

Good luck.


Mungo N Teazer said...

I had a landlord do that to me too. Somehow I'm not surprised that he's doing this to you guys. Maybe if you talk to the new landlord/management about the situation, they can work something out without needing to talk to the jerk?

And I wonder if his other plans - the ones that made him decide to kick you out - fell apart and now he's worrying about where he's going to find another tenant.

Mungo n Teazer's momma

LSP Grammie said...

I am praying for good things to happen for you & your Mom. Her luck has to turn around soon.

Could she use a driver's license, voter registration card, utility bill, bank statement, mail addressed to her at that address, or something similar as proof of residency? Even if they are old, it may help. There has got to be a way around the current nasty landlord.

A lot of kitties & their families are pulling for you.

Take care, good luck.

LSP Grammie

Oreo said...

Schtupid landlord!!! We am purraying hard fur you guys.

Junior said...

Meowm says here in Utah we have a guy on one of the news channels that goes out and asks questions for people where they previouls had no answers......do you have a guy like that? Maybe he needs to check out this landlord and take a camera crew with him....maybe then the landlord would be a bit of a better person.

How much cleaning should a person do on a condemned apartment?! What a twit!

Anonymous said...

Radcliffe had some very good ideas. Could a neighbor vouche for you? Call the new apt people and explain the situation and see if there is an alternative way to get a reference. Don't let that jerk stand in your way!

Karen Jo said...

I agree that your current landlord is a very nasty man. How cruel of him not to verify that you live there, thus complicating your move! Look around and see if there is some kind of news person you can sic on him. I am hoping and praying that you get some good news on the job front very soon.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Yes, and as for cleaning up a condemned apartment, I don't believe that can be done, at least by Carol!

And as she never had to put a deposit down, there is nothing to worry about losing over not cleaning it up.

But I don't think that would apply to property that has been deemed condemned.

What a jerk!

I like the idea of an investigative news team storming on to the property. Imagine the stations ratings when folks see the nice lady and her cat, forced to live in property that is condemned, and the mean landlord won't allow her to move.

One of us said...

That nasty, nasty man. Your porr Momma ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO