February 6, 2007

News on Tuesday

Well, it was warmer today. I think it got to 5 degrees out. Mama and I hung out and snuggled. And she just didn't get me this afternoon. I sat patiently waiting for food by my bowls. Come on, mom. Stinky Goodness! She merely rattled my crunchies bowl and said I wasn't hungry was I. Hmmmph!

Looks like blogger was doing crazies with my last entry. I think there are three of them. Weird. Sorry. IT strikes again.

We snuggled a lot this afternoon, and she is feeling better. Tomorrow she has to go out to an interview.

We are trying to catch up on blogs we have missed, but there are so many, and it is pretty cold in our computer room. Even for me, and I have furrs.

Hope you all are doing well,


William said...

Blogger was very bad last night. I couldn't leave a comment on the entry where everyone else did, only the first entry. Very peculiar!

Good luck to your mom tomorrow and I hope it gets warmer!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hu Sugar Pie, I'm sending warm thoughts your way. I'm hoping your mommy's interview goes very well today.
I realized that I just assumed we would go to BeauBeau & Angie's party on Friday together and I never even asked you! Shame on me. Dear Brandi, if you can forgive my assumption, would you go with me to the party. I know it is cold in your computer room, and my mommy has to work on Saturday, but maybe we can go for a little while...what time is good for you? We are on EST

Karen Jo said...

I'm glad your Mama is feeling better. Have her levels improved? Stay safe and warm and the best of luck to your Mama with her interview.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we hope your momma's feeling better now and that her interview goes well today!

Jane said...

The very best of luck for the interview! Hope your Mum is feeling better xx

One of us said...

Goodlucks to your Momma on her interview and we is sending good poiland vibes for her job looking and crossed paws. We hopes she feels better too ~Poiland Tribe

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

If I could be the afghan that warms your dainty paws
If I could snuggle next to you on soft cushions and sleep, sleep, sleep
If I could share a big can of stinky goodness, shrimp flavored, with you
If we could chase the red dot toy together, round and round until we got tired
If we could pull the fev-vers off the fev-ver butt mousies and get high on the nip together.
Then I’d have the perfect Valentine’s Day. The perfect ANY Day!
But, dear Brandi, I guess I’ll just have to dream you close to me…..
Happy Valentines Day Sugar Pie!
I’ll see you at the party Friday if your mommy feels OK and it isn’t to cold for you.